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Fail Brilliantly

Fail Brilliantly
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Shelley Davidow, DCA and Paul Williams PhD

Fail Brilliantly

Exploding the Myths of Failure and Success

Shelley Davidow, DCA and Paul Williams PhD


We all spend much of our lives trying to cope with failure; sometimes we try to assign value to it, but failure looms as a debilitating concept in millions of lives, affecting children and adults alike. Fail Brilliantly proposes a radical shift: erase the word and concept of failure from the realms of education and human endeavors. Replace it with new words and concepts. This shift in position has the potential to transform our lives and ultimately reshape our definition of success.

Shelley Davidow (MSEd) is a teacher, author and trained facilitator in Restorative Practice. She has taught students ages five to eighty in a wide variety of settings. She runs workshops internationally on the impact and management of stress at home, in the workplace, and in the classroom. With her focus on social and emotional health, Shelley has worked across the USA, the UK, and Australia in schools conducting readings, workshops, and facilitating discussions with young people on the many issues they confront. An award-winning author of thirty-eight books, which range from children’s fiction to adult non-fiction, her titles have been set at schools across the world. She lives on the east coast of Australia with her family and several noisy kookaburras.

Paul Williams is an award-winning author of several books including the memoir Soldier Blue (New Africa Books). He lives in Australia and coordinates the Creative Writing Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast. His latest book is Playing with Words (Palgrave Macmillan UK) co-authored with Shelley Davidow. Explore his website to discover more. www.paul-a-williams.com

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 152 mm | Black & White | 200 Pages | 

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