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All you need to know about purchasing and reading eBooks from Exisle Publishing.

What are eBooks?

EBooks are a digital form of books that can be downloaded and read on a number of devices such as your PC, Smart Phone or eBook Reader. All Exisle Publishing eBooks contain the same content as their physical book equivalent. They are not edited or condensed in anyway so you do not miss out on any of the great content Exisle put in their books.

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Why do you have different eBook formats?

Different readers can read different types of files. It is important you get the correct file type or format to match the device or software you will be using to read the eBook. Here at Exisle we try to cover as many versions as possible in an effort to ensure no one misses out on the chance to read our range. To do that we offer the eBooks in multiple formats, EPUB (.epub), Mobi Pocket (.prc) and Microsoft Reader (.lit). When you choose your eBook you must select the format you want in the drop down box on the product page.

Which format should I get?

EPUB can be read on Computers with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS X with Adobe Digital Editions (Download here). Also on e-Readers: Sony Reader, Nook, BeBook, COOL-ER, Kobo eReader, Cybook, Pandigital Novel, and other dedicated eBook Readers (NOT Kindle) On Android smartphone and tablets with Aldiko Book Reader or Apple iOS: iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with Bluefire Reader

Mobi Pocket (.prc) can be read on Windows PCs and many mobile devices with Mobipocket Reader. It is also the native format for Amazon's Kindle and our Mobi Pocket .prc books are compatible with Kindle, however be aware this may not be the case with Mobi Pocket files purchased elsewhere. Download the FREE Mobi Pocket software for your PC to read Mobi Pocket eBooks here

Microsoft Reader (.lit) is for Windows desktop and laptop PCs, Pocket PCs, and Windows Mobile devices. It requires the Microsoft Reader software which is available free from Microsoft here

How do I get the eBook?

When you purchase an eBook from Exisle you will be emailed a "download link" this is a special web address that is only available to you for a limited time period to download the file. Simply click on the download link, follow the instructions and save the file to your computer or device.

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Can I read the file on multiple devices?

Yes, as long as each device has the appropriate software to read the format. We do not limit the number of devices you can read the book on.

I accidentally ordered the wrong eBook format. Can I get my eBook in the correct format?

Contact us so that we can review your order and determine what can be done for your specific situation.

Why is the download link only valid for 24 hours?

The reason we have a time limit on the link is to protect our authors from fraudulent or multiple downloads of the copyrighted material that is an eBook. We hope you can respect the author's work by ensuring that you access the material within the time limit and only do so to load the product on your own devices. This way we can continue to offer the eBook without many of the restrictions that some publishers place on their eBooks.

My download link time limit has expired. What do I do?

Contact us so that we may review your order and reactivate the link for you accordingly.

Can I buy an eBook for someone else?

The best way to do this is to purchase one of our Gift Certificates, which can then be emailed to your recipient. This way they can make sure they get the right format. You can purchase a Gift Certificate for the exact cost of an eBook or nominate how much you wish to give someone.

I have heard I can get Free eBooks, where do I find them?

Yes, there are many eBooks available for Free, thousands of them!  Many are classic books that are now out of copyright, some are from authors that just want their works out there. Here are a few places to start downloading free ebooks for your reader.



www.gutenberg.net.au  (or try the US gutenberg site which has EPUB books http://www.gutenberg.org/

Or browse the Exisle range of eBooks here

How do I load my eBook on to iBooks on an Ipad or iPhone?

First you need to purchase the eBook in the ePub format and download to a computer (PC or MAC). Then move the file to iTunes on the computer. Once in iTunes you can sync the device with the computer to transfer the book to it.

This video may make it easier to understand.


Still not sure? You can always contact us for more information or select your eBook here

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