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Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days
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Ron and Elizabeth Morrison

Those Were the Days

Australia in the Sixties

Ron and Elizabeth Morrison

Those Were The Days, the sixties - a decade that changed the world and Australia with it.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as Ron and Elizabeth Morrison take you on a journey in words and pictures through Australia in the sixties - those were the days

.Free love, new music, psychedalia, hippies and mini skirts, protests and pop art, the youthquake, the generation gap....

It was a time when an Australian prime minister went missing, when the campaign stepped up for indigenous rights, womens rights, individual rights, freedom of information and caring for the environment.

In photographs and words, this beautifully presented book rekindles memories while providing glimpses of the 1960s in Australia: the Vietnam War and the conscription lottery; the Swinging Sixties, with its mini-skirts and changing fashions, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Australian group, The Seekers; the loss of a Prime Minister by drowning; the excitement of Kings Cross; the building of the iconic Opera House; the advent of decimal currency; Aboriginal recognition and the changing social patterns, including the arrival of immigrants from the UK and Europe; overseas working holidays for Australians; censorship; sporting successes and the new frontiers in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, with the mineral boom and new towns appearing in the desert. The kaleidoscopic images are in both colour and black-and-white and are juxtaposed to emphasise the differences that emerged during this exciting decade of change.


Specifications: 277 x 274 mm | 11 x 10¾ in | Paperback | 192 pages, 4c x 4c

For more information visit: www.australiainthesixties.com.au

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About the authors:

Ron Morrison has been taking photographs for over 60 years. He started as a cadet photographer at the Newcastle Morning Herald in 1949 and left in 1959 to begin a press photographic agency. He later taught photography in the National Art School and was Head of Department in the School of Fine Arts at the NCAE (now University of Newcastle). Ron has a PhD (University of Wollongong), an MA in Graphic Design (University of Central England, UK) and a Dip.Art. He has exhibited widely and is the co-author of fifteen books.

Elizabeth Morrison has a BA DipEd (Dist) from the University of Newcastle and has taught Professional and Media Writing in the School of Communications at Charles Sturt University. In addition to writing many articles, Elizabeth has written the text for five photographic books and recently a book on commonly confused words, The Right Word.





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'Aussies mixed protests with mini-skirts during this swirling melting-pot of an era.........

Ron and Elizabeth Morrison were some of the first '60s freelance news photographers in Australia, and here are some images from their book Those Were the Days: Australia in the sixties.'

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The Last Post - April 2014

'Those Were the Days: Australia in the Sixties remembers a decade in which youth culture stripped off the pin-striped straight jacket of post-war conservatism and wriggled into a mini-clad era which celebrated individuality, sexuality and personal freedom.'
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Australian Country - Off the Shelf - February 2014

“Do you have a hankering for the good ol’ days, when risqué was considered an above- knee skirt? In Those Were The Days: Australia in the Sixties, Ron and Elizabeth Morrison look back in time and study the culture, lives and loves of Australians in the ‘60s.”

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'Nostalgia will reign supreme as you meander down memory lane with this book that finely combines splendid photography and momentous historical information about the decade that’s said to have changed Australia – and the world.....' 

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Starts at 60 Gift Guide - December 2013

'This book is filled with the wild, controversial and fun-filled memories of the sixties in Australia. Beautifully presented with great colour photos, this coffee table book is a wonderful memoir to a momentous decade in Australian history.' 

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Evoke nostalgia for an iconic era with Those Were the Days: Australia in the Sixties by Ron and Elizabeth Morrison

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Newcastle Herald - November 2013

'Ron Morrison’s eye for a great photograph meets, in this book, nostalgia for the legendary decade of the 1960s.
Those Were the Days is a bright, intelligent pictorial survey of Australia as it was before man had walked on the moon, when the music of the Beatles was new and revolutionary and when Aussie troops were fighting – all the way with LBJ – in Vietnam.'

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