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The Two Minute Marriage Project

The Two Minute Marriage Project
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The Two-Minute Marriage Project

Simple Secrets for Staying in Love

Familius Press


Marry the one you love and love the one you marry. It sounds simple enough. But staying in love turns out to be a whole lot different than falling in love. In a world of constant distraction, marriage experts agree that the little things matter—a lot. The Two-Minute Marriage Project explores the little things couples think, say, and do to stay in love for the long haul. Supported by expert studies, interviews with happily married couples, and years of personal experience, author Heidi Poelman shares the simple secrets that keep love alive. Whether it’s choosing an attitude of gratitude, leaving a love note, giving a welcome-home hug at the door, or calling just to say “hello,” The Two-Minute Marriage Project is full of simple ways to love the one you married, two minutes at a time.

Heidi Poelman has a master’s degree in communication. In graduate school she had a particular interest in studying marriage dynamics. She wanted to know why something as simple as a tone of voice, a type of greeting, a sincere compliment, or a phone call could so greatly impact the feelings between two partners. This moved her to write The Two-Minute Marriage Project, in which she was able to more fully explore the significance of seemingly simple thoughts, words and deeds.


Format:                                            Paperback

Measurements (height x width mm):           229 x 152 mm


Good Health Magazine, January 2016

“…can help you brush up on your intimacy skills

Exisle Publishing Good Health two minuate marriage project

The RAAF Advocate, November 2015

“…the author explores the small things each of us can do to maintain that original sense of and connection”

Exisle Publishing 2 Minute Marriage Project RAAF Advocate


Fernwood, October 2015

“grand gestures are short lived compared to the power of cumulative daily actions.”

Fernwood 2 Minute Marriage Exisle Publishing

New Idea, October 2015

“packed full of quick action steps to help your specials someone feel the love.”

Exisle Publishing New Idea 2 Minute Marriage Project

Readers' Digest, September 2015

“Giving time to do what each person loves individually is key for a healthy relationship.”

Exisle Publishing Readers Digest 2 Minute Marriage Project


The Daily Edition, Seven Morning TV in Australia, August 2015

Watch this awesome clip of author Heidi Poelman talking about her book!


Better Homes and Gardens, August 2015

Explores the things couples can do to keep the flame burning in their relationship, two minutes at a time

Exisle Publishing Better Homes and Gardens 2 Minute Marriage Project

Women's Weekly, August 2015

It’s the little things that end up destroying a marriage, but it’s also the little things that can save one.”

2 minute Marriage Project women's weekly exisle publishing

The Carousel, July 2015

“If you want to stay in love for the long haul, start by ‘thinking, saying and doing’ these … ‘happy marriage’ ingredients”

Exisle Publishing Carousel 2 Two Minute Marriage Project



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