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The Stroke Survival Guide

The Stroke Survival Guide
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Mark Greener

The Stroke Survival Guide

Mark Greener

Stroke is the third largest killer in New Zealand, every year about 9000 New Zealanders have a stroke – a quarter occur in people under 65. An estimated 60,000 in NZ have survived a stroke – and are therefore at risk of another. Stroke is preventable. The number of people suffering stroke would be more than halved if more people sought help earlier.

Stroke affects 15 million people around the world each year, with many of these episodes proving fatal. This book aims to help people prevent another stroke (or another cardiovascular event) and to live a full life after a stroke.

Topics include:

  • The brain and blood supply – why and how a stroke may happen.
  • Key warning symptoms.
  • Causes and types of stroke, mainly ischaemic, but also haemorrhagic, and including TIAs (transient ischaemic attacks).
  • Risk factors for stroke – modifiable and otherwise.
  • The overlap with dementia.
  • Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Lifestyle changes to prevent another stroke.
  • Living with disability.
  • Advice for carers.
  • Further information and sources of advice.

Mark Greener is an award-winning medical bioscience writer and journalist. He is clinical editor of Pharmacy Magazine, and author of several health books. He is based in Cambridge.

SPECIFICATIONS: paperback | 216 x 138 mm

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