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The Present Parent Handbook

The Present Parent Handbook
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Timothy Dukes PhD

The Present Parent Handbook

26 Simple Tools to Discover that This Moment, This Action, This Thought, This Feeling Is Exactly Why I Am Here

Timothy Dukes PhD


"If you can recognize that your child needs to be witnessed, held, and loved by you, he or she will have a chance to thrive. The Present Parent Toolkit addresses the importance of being both mentally and emotionally available to your children. In the present, there is the opportunity to show up, pay attention, and become the parent you so want to be. With an easy to follow A-Z format, every parent will be able to implement the 26 tools to becoming a present parent to their children.

Tim Dukes, Ph.D. consults with senior leaders and teams, established business owners, political and organizational visionaries, emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists to bridge the worlds of dynamic opposition so that what seems to be a contradiction can actually inform a process of continued evolution into clarity. His model for clarity is based on presence and mindfulness distilled from years of coaching leaders, clinical work, academic research, and contemplative practices. With clarity, a leader can be an inspired, authentic communicator, transform challenges into professional mastery, and be accountable for his or her actions. His process fosters a relational environment based on insight, trust, and candor. 

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 178 x 127 mm | 176 Pages |  
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