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The Mindful Home

The Mindful Home
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Dr Craig & Deirdre Hassed

The Mindful Home

The secrets to making your home a place of harmony, beauty, wisdom and true happiness

Dr Craig & Deirdre Hassed

The Mindful Home is the ultimate guide to the art of conscious living.

Making your house a home need not be an expensive undertaking and in The Mindful Home you will find ideas and approaches that will deliver quick and meaningful results without significant investment.

A house is merely physical but a home is far more subtle and elusive. The Mindful Home takes the view that being at home is a metaphor for finding ourselves — finding our core. What do we find at our core?

Well, if the world's great wisdom traditions have anything to say about it then home is about qualities that we could equate with 'good' itself — true happiness, peace, beauty, wisdom and inspiration. It is also about the good things in life such as harmony, relationships, health and wealth.

So, how are we to find our core and create a home that reminds us of the qualities associated with it? That is where the practice of mindfulness comes in! By exploring the ways in which we feed our mind and our heart through our senses, how we use space, the practicalities of managing a home, and how we can live a healthy and sustainable life at home, The Mindful Home will enable us to shape the living space we really want, creating an environment that both nurtures and invigorates us, while meeting our needs.

We are now experiencing the ‘mindfulness revolution’, with mindfulness now forming part of everything from corporate strategy to education. Applying mindfulness to the creation of your ideal home environment is the next step.

Written by a Dr Craig Hassed and Deirdre Hassed a husband and wife team, who between them combine the talents of a global expert in mindfulness and a highly acclaimed calligraphic artist.

Takes the readers step-by-step from an understanding of what mindfulness is to how it can be implemented to enhance your living space.

Will appeal to those interested in interior design as well as living a more meaningful life.

A note from the authors....

This is not a book on the basics of mindfulness seasoned with a little discussion about the home. Nor is it an interior design book, catalogue of artefacts, or a book on storage solutions. Yes, there will be plenty of practical suggestions throughout but there are other books that deal with those topics in more detail. So what is this book about? It is a book on the home seasoned with mindfulness tips and practices to help you create the living space you really want and need.What is the mindful home? How can you create one for yourself? In addressing these and other questions we decided to break the book into various sections beginning with the philosophy behind it, then exploring the way that we feed the mind and heart through the senses, how we use spaces within the home, the practicalities of managing the home, and how to live a healthy and sustainable life at home

In this book illustration is as important as painting word pictures so we have used some photographic examples from our own home along with other photos and illustrations from various sources

We hope you enjoy reading The Mindful Home as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Dr Craig Hassed and Deirdre Hassed

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | Full Colour | 229 x 184 mm | 240 Pages


New idea, March 2017 

"Create a mindful sanctuary" Major 6 page feature on mindfulness, with Dr Craig Hassed. Click here to read in full.

Domain.com.au, January 2017

"As mindfulness gathers momentum in our lives, 2017 could be the year of bringing the lifestyle trend into your home" - Extensive feature and terrific exposure for this backlist book. Click here to read the interview in full.

The Herald Sun, May 2016

"Loaded with wonderful tips on mindfulness, the book takes us through the crucial role the five senses play in creating awareness and a greater sense of connection to the objects, spaces and elements that make up our home."

Trib Liv, March 2016

Click below to read this fantastic Q&A with The Mindful Home Author, Dr Craig Hassed 

Q&A with The Mindful Home Author Dr Craig Hassed

Kit and Manufactured Homes Yearbook

"The book examines philosophy of the mindful home and looks at the mental effects living areas can perpetuate, depending on how they are organised."

The Mindful Home features in Kit and Manufactured Homes Yearbook

Build Home, February 2016

"The couple carefully explore the concept of mindfulness and how it is crucial that our homes are healthy environments."

Build Home reviews The Mindful Home

Spirituality & Health, January 2016

Spirituality & Health post an excerpt from The Mindful Home

Home Design, January 2016

A mindful home is full of considered objects that contribute to the harmony within the space

Exisle Publishing Mindful Home Design

Home Ideas, January 2016

A mindful life is a measured life, one that is engaged with our sense of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. The Mindful Home prepares you for a change in lifestyle towards a healthier and more sustainable home to help you live a measured and mindful life. Separated into chapters for each of the five senses and the five spaces of the home– the leisure space, the social space, the quiet space, the storage space and the outdoor space – and shows how each part of our home can be organised and lived in with purpose and intention

The Melbourne Herald Sun, January 2016

“Mindfulness stimulates the brain to maintain the brain connections and cells it has and to make new ones. Swap mindless leisure activities where we don’t pay attention like watching TV for engaging activities like board games, reading, dancing, and playing musical instruments.”


Exisle Publishing Melbourne Herald Sun Mindful HomeExisle Publishing Mindful Home Melbourne Herald Sun

  • The Daily Mail UK, December 2015

  • "High on the list of mindful essentials in the home, according to the Hasseds, is a room suited for daily meditation, which can also double up as a quiet zone; a reflective space that is neat, clean and unthreatening. ... The Hasseds believe that holding onto things that are no longer useful and are not especially beautiful leads to clutter."
  • Exisle Publishing Daily Mail Mindful Home

Peppermint Magazine, December 2015

“This inspiring book shows us how to create a mindful living space.

Exisle Publishing Mindful Home Peppermint Magazine

Home Design and Living Queensland, December 2015

“With practical tips on everything from meditation to colour selection and the use of space in interior design, the book suggests ways to make the home a more harmonious and enriching environment.” 

Exisle Publishing Mindful Home Home Design Living Queensland

Library Journal, US December 2015

"useful for those who are practicing this increasingly popular process presented by Craig Hassed, a doctor and expert in the field, and those desiring an aesthetically pleasing home."

Exisle Publishing Mindful Home Library Journal


Mindfood, November 2015

Check out this great extract here!

Exisle publishing mindfood mindful home

The Sunday Times - Home Magazine, November 2015

“Explores the idea of creating a harmonious abode, so you in turn can be more fulfilled, happier and healthier. Perfect if you’re planning to make the resolution to be a bit more Zen in the New Year.”

Exisle Publishing Sunday Times Mindful Home Magazine

Better Home and Garden, November 2015

“Shows you how to make home a place of harmony, beauty, wisdom and true happiness…Who does not want that?”


Exisle Publishing Mindful Home Better Home and Garden


South Coast, Lifestyle, November 2015

A mindful life is a measured life and one that is in touch with our senses…how these are addressed within your home will make a profound difference to your life

Exisle publishing South Coast Lifestyle Mindful Home

Link Disability Magazine, November 2015

“Achieve a happier, more fulfilled life by creating the home (you) really want”

Exisle Publishing Mindful Home Link Disability


Woman & Home UK, December 2015

  • “Aims to help the reader live a more fulfilled life by showing how to create the living space they want and need”

Exisle Publishing Woman Home Mindful Home

Life & Style, Stuff Website NZ, November 2015

Dr Craig and Deirdre Hassed "describe mindfulness as a 'mental discipline aimed at training attention.' This can be achieved by using the senses to engage with the present, practising thought control, ecouraging curiosity and openness, and cultivating equanimity and stillness."

Exisle publishing mindful home life style

Good Reading, October 2015

Exisle Mindful Home Good Reading

Publisher's Weekly, September 2015

On the Home Front: "Carefully tended homes and gardens nurture spiritual peace, as the following books show...

The Mindful Home - A mindfulness teacher and an artist offer instruction on using the senses and taking a mindful approach in order to create a beautiful, peaceful environment."

The Domain, June 2015

"The book explores how being mindful or aware can create a space to live in where we can be more at home within ourselves, including being more at peace, enriched and engaged with where we live," Dr Hassed says.

Exisle Mindful Home Domain Hassed

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