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The Leaky Story

The Leaky Story
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Devon Sillett & Anil Tortop

The Leaky Story

A fun-filled adventure into the power of the imagination and the magic of books!

Devon Sillett & Anil Tortop 

EK Books

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A book sits abandoned on a living room shelf. While the Blossburn family happily gets on with other things like watching TV and playing video games, the book aches to be read. The longer it sits abandoned, the more it aches. At last the book can’t take it any longer. Slowly it starts to swell. Then it starts to leak! At first it’s only a small trickle, but eventually the Blossburns can no longer ignore the octopus, crabs and other marine life that are swirling around their suburban home. And when pirates sail out of the book, the family must band together to reclaim their living room. Can J.J. and his parents find a way to get the characters back in the book? And in the process, will they discover that sometimes books are the best fun of all? The Leaky Story is an action-packed adventure into the wonderful world of books, the power of the imagination, the art of storytelling and the importance of family.

Devon Sillett is a former radio producer, turned writer and reviewer. Born in the US, Devon now calls Australia home. She is currently completing her PhD on children’s picture books at the University of Canberra, Devon also teaches in the writing department. In 2013, Devon was awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award for her research into YA speculative fiction. In her spare time, she can be found building Lego superheroes and playing tiny plastic musical instruments with her young sons Aaron and Jay, or reading a cosy book next to her husband Matthew.

Anil Tortop was born and raised in Turkey, moving to Australia in early 2011. She’s been trying to get used to the local eight-legged house intruders and slithering visitors ever since! As well as illustrating books, Anil also works as an animator and character/concept designer. She lives with her husband in Brisbane. In their small home studio together, they call themselves ‘Children’s Booksmiths’.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 245 x 255 mm | Colour | 32 Pages |



Educating Young Children, November 2017

"this is a very timely book reminding us of the power of books to bring people together and to ignite imaginations. A highly recommended story, enhanced by colourful, humorous illustrations, that celebrates the fun and adventures that can be had from reading a book.."

Kid's Book Review, September 2017

"This is a funny, imaginative, and meaningful story about how important books are in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of children. They offer adventure, excitement and journeys into the unknown."Click here to read in full.

University of Canberra, August 2017

"The Leaky Story is a quirky tale of a book that sits abandoned on a shelf as its owners, the Blossburn family, go about their business. In an effort to be noticed, the book starts to swell and leaks various aquatic animals into the lounge room until it can no longer be ignored."

School Days Magazine, June 2017

"The Leaky Story may just get your younger child interested in books as it stretches the imagination taking the Blossburn family who are happily watching TV and playing video games on an amazing imaginary adventure."

Offspring Magazine, June 2017

"A fun and riveting read."

Kids Book Buzz, May 2017

"This is a really neat story with very colorful illustrations … Readers who love adventures, leaks, and pirates would enjoy this story, especially readers who are five - to nine-years old."

Bookish Kidz, May 2017

"This is truly a fun filled, action packed story about how exciting books can actually be and how using your imaginations is really where all the fun lives."

Scholastic, May 2017

"a family rediscovers the joy of books". - Click here to read in full.

What's Up Downunder, May 2017

"one of the best adventure books ever."

Pinerolow Newsletter, May 2017

"Never leave a book on a shelf unread! The book in this entertaining book is so frustrated it leaks a story and involves the whole family. Lots of fun for a family to share."

My Shelf, April 2017

"Ms Tortop’s illustrations hilariously match the simple script … This one is ideal for sharing with a young child, and then discussing its message of the timeless appeal of books."

Kids' Book Review, April 2017

"This is a funny, imaginative, and meaningful story about how important books are in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of children. They offer adventure, excitement and journeys into the unknown."

NC Teacher Stuff, April 2017

"The Leaky Story joyfully illustrates the benefits of getting lost in a book. When you can bring a couple of family members with you, that's even better."

Hip Little One, April 2017 

"this gorgeous EK Books picture book might spark a brand new love for reading."

Jnr Book Worms Book Review, April 2017

"it would be awesome if books could bring the adventures to life"

Boomerang Books Blog, March 2017

"There is a veritable shipload of things to like about this rollicking tale of adventure and mayhem"

The Bottom Shelf, March 2017

"Young children will love this concept as they willingly suspend their reality and let their imaginations take over.  Canberra-based author Devon Sillett was awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award for her research into speculative fiction for young adults and it seems that this is a great example of the “what-if’ story starter."  

Books+Publishing Junior, March 2017

"an adventurous romp.. The family in this story has to find a way to put the characters back where they belong when a long-ignored book starts leaking seawater, pirates and marine life all over their living room"

ABC Brisbane, April 2017

Anil Tortop, illustrator of EK Books' The Leaky Story joins Emma Griffiths on ABC Brisbane's Drive Programme.

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