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The Eczema Diet - (2nd edition)

The Eczema Diet - (2nd edition)
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Karen Fischer BHSc, Dip. Nut

The Eczema Diet - 2nd edition

Eczema-safe food to stop the itch and prevent eczema for life.

Karen Fischer BHSc, Dip. Nut

Eczema is a painful, itchy and incredibly uncomfortable condition for sufferers. The bad news is it’s on the rise. Babies are developing skin inflammation soon after birth. Toddlers with severe itchy skin and uncontrollable scratching are drawing blood. And teenagers and adults ashamed of their skin are wearing long-sleeved shirts in summer.

Eczema is a unique skin disorder with many of the standard health foods that are good for the skin actually increasing the itch in eczema sufferers. Current medications can also have undesirable side effects. Nutritionist, skin expert and a mother-of-two, Karen Fischer is known as the ‘last hope’ for eczema patients who have tried every therapy and cream to no avail.

Inspired initially by her success in treating her own daughter’s eczema, for the last ten years Karen has treated eczema patients of all ages, including newborn babies. Now, in this second edition of her bestselling book, Karen brings you the results of her years of research and shares her tried-and-tested solutions for this heart-breaking condition.

This comprehensive guide for eczema sufferers of any age includes:

  • emergency itch-busters
  • skin care and non-diet information
  • how to prevent chemical sensitivities
  • dandruff and cradle cap treatments
  • a fast-track detox for adults
  • menus for all ages, including lunchboxes and party food
  • delicious recipes, and
  • handy shopping lists.

The Eczema Diet as seen on Channel 7!

"Nutritionist discovers breakthrough in search of eczema cure"

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Eczema Diet as seen on Channel 7 News

Specifications: Paperback | 234 x 151 mm | 288 pages

About the author:

Karen Fischer is a nutritionist and a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS). She has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree and a nutrition diploma. In 2008, Karen’s bestselling book The Healthy Skin Diet won ‘Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet Book’ at the prestigious Australian Food Media Awards. For more than a decade, Karen has used the Eczema Diet in her private practice to help her patients, of all ages, become eczema-free.


Essential Baby, November 2015

“The top allergy foods to investigate - and potentially avoid - are eggs, dairy, nuts and wheat, according to Karen Fisher, nutritionist at Sydney's Eczema Life Clinic and author of The Eczema Diet.”

Healthy and Heartwise, October 2015

“A comprehensive guide for the itchy of all ages”

Exisle Publishing Healthy and Heartwise Eczema Diet

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