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The Digestive Health Solution ebook
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Benjamin I Brown, ND

The Digestive Health Solution

Your personalized five-step plan for inside–out digestive wellness

Benjamin I Brown, ND

Comprehensive and accessible! This ebook enables you to have better digestive health for life! When your insides are working properly, all of you is so much healthier. Under the guidance of expert naturopath and communicator Ben Brown, you will explore the mind–body connection, food intolerances and the keys to a healthy digestive system before learning how to address your health issues and quality-of-life needs with a five-step plan that is uniquely yours.

You will read about research on popular natural medicines, sifting fact from fiction, and uncover evidence-based, safe treatments that will enhance your digestion and improve, or even eliminate, symptoms fast.
The author is a passionate communicator and knows that it doesn’t take a lot to help people dramatically reduce digestive discomfort. In this ebook he sets to work to give you all the tools you need to live a happier, healthier life.
One in four people has an existing digestive health condition. Read this ebook to improve any existing conditions and bulletproof your future health.
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About the author:

Benjamin Brown is a brilliant young Australian naturopath resident in the UK, a vivid writer and an in-demand speaker. He teaches nutritional medicine and contributes regularly to industry magazines and scientific journals. In the digestive health area Ben is ‘the man’. Ben is on boards at the UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) and lectures at more top places in the world than you can shake a stick at. He specializes in plain English solutions that come from science.

Watch Ben talk about the book here:


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                               The Digestive Health Solution 


Banish bad bugs and balance your bacteria


Boost you digestion for better health


                                    Uncover secret problem foods 

Put your bacteria on a low-carbohydrate diet

Reset your digestive clock

 Rewire the nerves of your gut-brain axis



Nutritious Magazine, 2016

"Naturopath Ben Brown shows you how to transform your digestive health." 

Author Ben Brown of The Digestive Health Solution features in Nutritious MagazineAuthor Ben Brown of The Digestive Health Solution features in Nutritious MagazineAuthor Ben Brown of The Digestive Health Solution features in Nutritious Magazine

Metagenics Update, June 2015

“The information is presented in an accessible way, allowing patients to take away strategies  that they can apply to their daily life…also a valuable resource for the Practitioner”

Metagenics Update Exisle Publishing Digestive Health Solution

Nexus, June 2015


“With many research studies to back up his advice, Dr Brown promotes tried-and-tested solutions for transforming ill-health into wellness”

Exisle Publishing Digestive Health Solution Nexus

Wellbeing Magazine, June 2015


“heavily researched, yet easy to digest…offering a five-step plan with natural medicines and evidenced-based treatments to transform your gut and overall wellbeing ”

Exisle Publishing Digestive Health Solution Wellbeing Magazine

Optimum Health Magazine, June 2015


“explore the mind-body connection, food intolerances, and the keys to a healthy digestive system”

Exisle Publishing Digestive Health Solution Optimum Health Magazine



Grassroots, June 2015

“This book uses the latest research to discuss IBS, food intolerances and gluten sensitivity”.

Grassroots Digestive Health Exisle Ben Brown

Femail, June 2015

"Brings together diverse topics for real solutions"

Exisle Femail Digestive Health Ben Brown


Ladies in Racing, May 2015

“gives you the tools you need to take control of your gut health”

Exisle Publishing Ladies in Racing Digestive Health


The Adelaide Advertiser, May 2015

“perhaps the biggest comfort this book offers IBS sufferers is the realisation that they are not alone”

Exisle Publishing Digestive Health Solution Ben Brown Adelaide Advertiser


Dr Ronald Hoffman Podcast - Intelligent Medicine (US), May 2015

Dr Ronald Hoffman Podcast Logo

"Dr. Benjamin Brown explores natural approaches to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in his new book, "The Digestive Health Solution: Your Personalized Five-Step Plan for Inside-Out Digestive Wellness. "

Check out the part 1 of the podcast here

And part 2 of the podcast here

The National Campus and Community Radio Association (US), May 4 2015


Check out the "Health First" radio show here


Publishers Weekly (US), April 2015

"A neatly laid-out five-week plan provides a comprehensive pick-and-choose arsenal of tools to control IBS, such as supplements, pre- and probiotics, diet, and stress management techniques. The book is exhaustive ... Brown's knowledge of IBS is undeniably vast and his statements are backed by well-documented research."

Review - Women's Health Magazine, April 2015

'To understand how your insides impact your health, it helps to understand what's going on in that thriving community. If it feels creepy to think of all those invisible bacteria, yeast and viruses crawling on you right now, wait - it gets even freakier. "These microbes outnumber your own body's cells by 10 to 1. In other words, you are mostly microbes and only part human," says Benjamin Brown, naturopath and author of The Digestive Health Solution.'

Women's Health Magazine Review Digestive Health Solution Ben Brown


Review - Better Homes and Gardens, April 2015

“brings together the best natural solutions in an easy-to-follow personalised plan”

Exisle Better Homes and Gardens Review Digestive Health


Review - Starfish, March 2015

"His book explores the mind-body connection, food intolerances, gluten sensitivity, diet, and provides practical ways to transform your digestive health."

Exisle Starfish Perth Digestive Health Solution Ben Brown


Review - Be Exclusive, March 2015

"The Digestive Health Solution busts these myths and gives you the tools to take control of your gut health. Written by international expert in naturopathy and nutritional medicine, Ben Brown, it uses a holistic, evidence-based approach to help you discover effective natural solutions to regain your digestive health."

Exisle Digestive Health Ben Brown Digestive Health Solution


Good Health Magazine, March 2015

nutritional advice as well as natural solutions

Exisle Digestive Health Good Health


Food & Spirit with Dr Deanna Minich - February 2015

"Excellent book my by friend and colleague, Dr Ben Brown. If you are looking for practical answers to your gut issues, this is the book!"

Digestive Health Deanna Minich


'Ben Brown is an unusual combination of clinician and science geek.  Unlike many other health authors, Ben combines these twin passions beautifully and in his writing and teaching is able to explain concepts clearly and effectively, while still staying true to the latest research that is available. This ebook is a great example of this talent and will a tremendously useful resource for anyone want to better understand their digestive health and get off the treadmill of symptomatic treatment and really start to understand the causes of their symptoms.'
Paul Mannion, ND BHSc - Health World Limited

'Combining the latest research with real world solutions Ben Brown addresses common digestive issues such as IBS in his ebook The Digestive Health Solution. Going beyond just symptom management, Ben busts common myths and guides the reader through the diagnositic maze revealing the underlying causes of digestive issues. This is an eminently useful resource for those with digestive health problems and those who want lasting health solutions.'
Ananda Mahony, ND, Senior Lecturer – Nutrition, Endeavour College of Natural Health


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