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The Boy Who Loved the Moon

The Boy Who Loved the Moon
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Rino Alaimo

The Boy Who Loved the Moon

Rino Alaimo

This stunning adaptation of the beloved The Boy and The Moon – winner of multiple international independent film awards – tells the beautiful story of a boy who swims the deepest seas and slays the mightiest dragons to win the Moon’s love.

Rino Alaimo works as a cartoonist and filmmaker. The Boy Who Loved the Moon is his first book, adapted from his own short film that has won accolades around the globe. He holds a degree in art history from the University of Genoa in Italy. He resides in Italy.


Format:                                            Hardback

Measurements (height x width mm):           229 x 229 mm


Jigsaw, February 2016

Jigsaw reviews The Boy Who Loved The Moon

Claire Hewitt, October 2015

“This is more art than story… it feels as though the images are lit with a real flame”

Exisle Familius Boy Who Loved the Moon Claire Hewitt

Kids Book Review, October 2015

“This is a stunning piece of work as are all the books that have come via Exisle Publishing. Each page is a wonderland of beauty. It may be classed as a children’s book, but it is something for people far beyond the age of childhood and is certainly a booklover’s and collector’s item..”

Exisle Familius Kids Book Review Boy who loved the moon

Reading Time, October 2015

“This is a superb picture book, highly recommended for a wide audience, young and old.”

Exisle Publishing Kids Book Review Familius Boy who loved the moon

Mother and Baby, October 2015

“A stunning adaption of the award-winning film…here is the tale of a young boy who embarks on an epic journey to win the moon’s love”

Exisle Publishing Familius Boy who loved the moon mother and baby

Mum's Delivery, October 2015

“Story-lovers of all ages will be drawn to the timeless beauty of The Boy Who Loved The Moon.”

Exisle boy who loved the moon mums delivery

Hip Little One, October 2015

“heart-stoppingly beautiful”

Exisle Publishing Boy Who loved the moon hip little one

Practical Parenting, September 2015

“The beautifully warm, golden illustrations are elegant and cast a glow into the heart of little readers, capturing their imagination instantly as the little boy meets many challenges(including dragons!) but never give up on his dream.”

Exisle Publishing Book Snow Princess Boy Moon Practical Parenting


School Days, September 2015

"beautifully designed, quite stunning, with rich colours and gorgeous illustrations, one to keep and treasure in your child's or school library's collection”.

Boy who loved the moon school days exisle publishing


Mummahh Blog, September 2015

”The illustrations in this book are absolutely gorgeous.”

Exisle Publishing Mummahh boy who loved the moon


Honey Bee Books, September 2015

“The Boy Who Loved the Moon is a truly breath-taking story, with themes of love, perseverance and determination.”

Honey Bee Books Exisle publishing boy who loved the moon

SA Weekly, September 2015

“Simple words with highly imaginative, evocative images are sure to bring little imaginations to life in this book, adapted from Italian cartoonist and film-maker Rino Alaimo’s award-winning film”

SA Weekly Exisle Boy Who Loved the Moon

Kids on the Coast, September 2015

“This book is magical, it will take you and your children on a wonderful adventure, and it’s the perfect book to the feed the imagination and will definitely bring a little magic to bedtime.”

Exisle Kids on the Coast Boy Who Loved the Moon

Boomerang Books, September 2015

“a stunning standout classic.”

Boomerang Books Boy Who Loved the moon Exisle


Creative Kids Tales, August 2015

"Often people speak of reading a book that changed their life. Rino Alaimo’s The Boy Who Loved the Moon is that book for me. The cover was too alluring to put down. I was in love. Once read, I was smitten and would happily shout it from the rooftops. Amore! Amore! It is one of the most delicious picture books I have ever read."

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