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We have to say that that over 95% of what is offered to us we have to turn down for various reasons. Very often this has nothing to do with the quality or importance of your work. Our decision is dependent upon how we read the markets concerned what we know of competitive activity and our level of expertise within the relevant markets across the globe. We don’t touch fiction at all, in any model and a good way to find what kind of things we know we are good at is to look at the range of books on our website. www.exislepublishing.com.

Exisle has been a successful privately held publishing house for over 12 years and though our models are evolving, particularly with new technologies, we are successful as a result of being fairly clear about what we do and how to do it.


Our entire team of experts, editors, proof readers, designers, printing specialists  marketing people, publicity people, sales people, finance people et al all pull together with you to create a book that we believe is unquestionably worth doing and a very clear strong commercial proposition. This proposition has to be stronger and more viable than many other titles which are competing for the same slot. We publish less than one title per month is this range.

Here the arrangements are the old fashioned ones whereby Exisle takes the full and total financial risk and pays your royalties in the traditional way of a % of the cover price or price received for each copy sold in domestic markets and a fair chunk of what the book sells for overseas. The book will also go into E Book format. Typically the time line for publication can range from 12-24 months from reaching agreement.


This has the same team working on the book with you but as well as your writing and illustration you are required to share some of the investment in sales and marketing. We know that authors of titles-particularly those with clearly defined markets actually make the best sales people and this model requires you to purchase 500 copies, at an agreed discount,  of the title upon publication. You are also required to help fund the cost of specialist marketing and public relations skills an expert being assigned to you –or you may choose to use your own person to do what is required. The book is then sold by us through our normal channels and treated exactly the same way as books in the traditional model above. Should the book become successful the relationship actually reverts to the traditional model and what you have done is help get the book established for what should be its long term future. The book will also go into E book format. Typically the time line for publication can range from 9-18 months from reaching agreement.


This is when neither the traditional or partnership models work for any combination of speed to market and economic reasons but we, and you believe that the book should be given a chance and quickly.  Here the book is put into our web site and our  growing and successful E Book platform and marketed through our established channels as well as  our web site, catalogues and where appropriate  and possible review coverage..

This is not a full scale production and as much a quick market test as anything else but your work quickly gets to the market. After the book has generated us $500 gross you are paid a royalty based upon 20% of our net revenue for each E book and we promote the titles properly. Some of the books in the Expedite model end up being transformed into conventional titles, in either the traditional or partnership model, and we market the book internationally in the same way as all other books. The time line to production is less than six months.


This is when you require a range of skills but possibly not all of them. We do the work required at a charge and arrange for the printing and delivery to you. In other words the full financial risk of the project is yours and we provide whatever is needed to help make your project a reality. Sometimes we provide all the services from helping the writing through to sales and marketing at other times just our print buying expertise is involved the choice is yours and obviously dependent  upon your needs, requirements budgets and timelines. Some projects can be done in a matter of weeks other can take longer than a year.


For more details on our this or any Exisle Publishing service contact us via our contact page here

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