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Paddy O'Melon

Paddy O'Melon
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Julia Cooper & Daryl Dickson

Paddy O'Melon

Julia Cooper & Daryl Dickson

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Paddy O’Melon is the endearing story of a young rainforest kangaroo. Separated from his mother as a young joey, Paddy is found and raised by an Irish family who live in the rainforest and often help orphaned or injured animals. But while Paddy loves his new human family, he’s curious to find out what he really is. So, he sets out on a journey into the rainforest where he meets a range of other interesting animals — from musky rat-kangaroos to green tree frogs, from ringtail possums to flying-foxes. But all he really wants is to be reunited with his mother and his own kind. Perhaps the cassowary can tell this little red-legged pademelon who he really is and take him safely home?

Julia Cooper’s passion was for wildlife education and rehabilitation. Sadly, she passed away in 2011, but with the publication of this story her partner Martin Cohen hopes to keep her spirit and message alive.

Daryl Dickson is an award-winning wildlife artist and illustrator.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 215 x 288 mm | Colour | 32 Pages |



Steve Backshall, naturalist, writer and television presenter for "Deadly 60".

‘Julia and Martin are old friends in wildlife, genuinely passionate about caring for the animals of tropical Queensland. Beautifully illustrated, Paddy O Melon and the other books in the series all carry a sense of wonder for the animals of Australia, and hopefully will help the new generation to treasure them, and want to learn how to care for them as Julia and Martin have.’

Steve Parish, OAM, Photographer, Naturalist, Author, Educator, Public speaker and Publisher

"Beautiful little book"

Neil Nightingale, former head of the BBC Natural History Unit and producer of Wild Down Under and the Great Barrier Reef television series.

“Paddy O’Melon is a wonderfully heartwarming story, stylishly written and with beautiful illustrations. I’m sure it will delight children and their parents while also introducing them to the fascinating creatures of the Australian rainforest.”

Chris Packham - Presenter and Conservationist

"A delightful romp through the rainforest with a wallaby . . . but also a story with an important conservation message that will inspire young people to love and protect this precious environment"

Stephen Moss - Naturalist, Author, TV Producer

"A delightful, funny and moving story, touching on our special relationship with nature, told through the life of an endearing little kangaroo.”


Wildlife Australia, October 2017

Wildlife Australia have done a fantastic feature for Paddy O'Melon and are also running a colouring competition. - Click here to read and learn more.

Kids' Book Review, September 2017

"This gorgeous story about the wildlife of the rainforests was the creation of highly regarded naturalist, Julia Cooper. ... Full page colour illustrations will make children aware of the animals that call the rainforest home; their protection, and the dangers they face from predators and humans."Click here to read.

What's Up Down Under, September 2017

"Take a journey with Paddy O'Melon through the superbly illustrated pages of this beautiful story which shines a light on some of Australia's amazing rain forest animals" Click here to read.

Ultra 106 five, September 2017

"A wonderful children's book." interview with Martin Cohen. Click here to listen in full.

Science Teachers Association of NSW, September 2017

"A delightful book easy to read with beautiful illustrations perfectly suited to young primary aged school children."

ABC Adelaide, Statewide Evenings with Peter Goers, September 2017

"A lovely book for children..(Julia's) regard for all creatures great and small is between these pages, a lovely tribute." - Click here to listen in full.

Cairns Post, August 2017

"The book follows a young joey who is found and raised by an Irish family who live in the rainforest and often help orphaned or injured animals.. the book would foster a love for and desire to learn more about native animals, especially those unique to Far North Queensland." - Ilustrator Daryl Dickson interviewed, Click here to read

ABC Cairns, August 2017

"A real character of the wet tropics...Paddy OMelon is an Irish Kangaroo.. the star of a new children's book featuring some of the most amazing creatures that live right on our doorstep" - Click here to listen

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