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Overcoming Fear with Mindfulness

Overcoming Fear with Mindfulness
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Deborah Ward

Overcoming Fear with Mindfulness

Deborah Ward

Fear is a common response to our perception of danger but, whether it concerns public speaking, a new job, social anziety or relationships, it can easily take over our lives. Overcoming Fear explores the underlying biological and psychological factors that can help us to understand this ancient emotion better. Based on the latest neuroscientific research, this helpful book examines why some people are more prone than others to experience fear and anxiety. It shows how you can use the skills of mindfulness to promote detachment and peace, and take control of your life in a relaxed way. It also considers coping strategies for the highly sensitive person.

Topics include:

  • Triggers of anxiety and fear
  • Understanding stress
  • Recognising physical signs of fear
  • The mind-body connection
  • Understanding your personality and temperament
  • Mindful eating, mindful walking
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Journaling
  • Mindful relationships
  • Reaching your true potential through creativity, work and dreams

In this warm, comprehensive guide, Deborah Ward says you can step out of survival mode into a more fulfilling and creative way of life.

Specifications: 216 x 138 mm | paperback | 114 pages


About the author:

Deborah Ward is a journalist, writer and editor. She runs a blog on being a Highly Sensitive Person, and also writes for Psychology Today magazine.

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