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Nurturing a Healthy Mind

Nurturing a Healthy Mind
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Associate Professor Michael C. Nagel PhD

Nurturing a Healthy Mind

Doing what matters most for your child’s developing brain

Michael C Nagel, PhD


‘A treasure trove of information, Nurturing a Healthy Mind knits together the latest findings in brain science while dispelling long-held myths about how to train the brain. Bravo!’

— Dr Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, Director of the Infant Language Laboratory, and the Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Professor in the Department of Psychology, Temple University


Knowing your child’s mind...

There is nothing so fascinating as the human brain. Over the past couple of decades, advances in technology have made possible new and exciting insights into how the brain grows, learns and operates. And there is growing consensus that this knowledge is of great relevance to parenting and all manner of child-rearing contexts.

Nurturing a Healthy Mind takes the available science on how the brain responds to environment stimuli and presents it in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly format. It ‘translates’ what neuroscience is telling us about the development of the brain from infancy to the early school years and explains how this knowledge can help us deal with the everyday realities of raising healthy and happy children.

So if you’ve ever wondered whether enrolling your three-year-old in enrichment programs will give them a head start in life, or have simply despaired at your four-year-old’s inability to sit still, you’ll find the book Nurturing a Healthy Mind essential reading.


Specifications: 234 x 153 mm | 248 pp | Paperback


About the author:

Michael C. Nagel PhD is an Associate Professor in the School of Science and Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he teaches and researches in the areas of human development, educational

psychology, behaviour and learning. Dr Nagel has written a number of books and articles related to neurological development in children and has delivered over 200 workshops and seminars for parents and teachers nationally and internationally. Dr Nagel is also a member of the prestigious International Neuropsychological Society and a feature writer for the Child series of magazines, which offers parenting advice to more than one million Australian readers.





Natural Parenting, February 2017 

"Expert in child development Dr Michael Nagel busts neuro-myths in Nurturing a Healthy Mind ($29.99, Exisle Publishing), stating: “In one particular study, researchers noted that while daily reading with a parent can be associated with a seven-point increase in language scores across various measures, each hour of daily baby DVD viewing was associated with a 17-point decrease.” - Click here to view the feature article on digital parenting.

Gold Coast Magazine (July/August)


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