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Mindful Learning

Mindful Learning
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Dr Craig Hassed & Dr Richard Chambers

Mindful Learning

Reduce stress and improve brain performance for effective learning

Dr Craig Hassed & Dr Richard Chambers

Whatever your age, whatever your learning environment, mindfulness can make a positive difference.

Mindfulness is increasingly being used in educational environments as a way to help students learn more effectively, develop personally, enhance their physical and emotional health, and deal with study and exam-related demands. In Mindful Learning, the authors provide practical insights and exercises on how to apply mindfulness in the educational setting, resulting in a book that clearly sets out how we can manage stress, improve performance and create better communication and relationships. Whatever your age, whatever your learning environment, mindfulness can make a positive difference.

For more information visit: www.mindfullearning.com.au

Specifications: 234 x 151 mm | paperback | 272 pages

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About the authors:

Dr Craig Hassed is an internationally recognised expert in mindfulness who has presented widely at national and international seminars and conferences and has published extensively in the areas of mind–body medicine and mindfulness. He has been instrumental in promoting mindfulness as a simple, natural and accessible technique for enhancing wellness, preventing and managing illness, and improving performance within health, educational and corporate settings. Craig is co-author of Exisle’s very successful Mindfulness for Life.


Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist in private practice, where he specialises in mindfulness-based therapies and runs regular mindfulness courses. He is also employed as a mindfulness consultant by Monash University and regularly consults to top-tier law firms and premier educational institutions. He is a developer of Smiling Mind, a free web and iPhone app designed to make mindfulness accessible to young people.

Visit the Mindful Learning website for detailed information on this book.


Preview Mindful Learning:


Catalyst ABC, June 2016

Click below to see mindfulness expert Dr Richard Chambers talk about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness on ABC's Catalyst 

Dr Richard Chambers features on ABC's Catalyst

Independent Education Magazine, October 2015

“It’s becoming more and more obvious that children’s most important life skill is to develop attention. And if they can’t keep focused then there is no learning.”

Scan Magazine - Volume 33 - December 2014

scan magazine vol 33 december issue on mindful learning


Australian Family Physician - reviewed by Dr Boetto - August 2014

“The beauty of this book is that it applies the techniques of mindfulness to the practical skill of learning.. it is packed with useful information and has broad appeal. It is relevant to students and their parents , GP  registrars, and more widely, anyone  who is an ongoing  learner. Highly recommended.”

Read full article here


Australian Psychologists & Counsellors in Schools Newsletter July 2014

Mindful Learning: How the science of mindfulness can improve wellbeing and performance in students and educators.

Read full article


CoLearnr blog - June 2014

'As a follow up from our post that introduced the term ‘Mindful Learning' to our CoLearnrs, we had the opportunity to interview the authors Hassed and Chambers about their new book.' To read full blog click here


May 30, 2014 - Guest blogger Felicia A. Huppert

'Why mindfulness should be taught in schools with Felicia A. Huppert at Happiness & Its Causes 2014' To read full blog click here

Leader Group of Newspapers - Excel Magazine - April 2014

leader group of newspapers excel mag on mindful learning april 2014

Incite Magazine - Feature April 2014

incite magazine feature on mindful learning april 2014

Herald Sun - February 2014

Jane Howard looks at a tool teachers are using to help students focus and deal with exam stress - mindfulness learning
Mindful Learning as featured in Herald Sun

Good Health - review March 2014

'Use these mindfulness techniques to manage the stress of study and exams,and improve memory and concentration.'

Cairns Post - February 2014

Denise Carter talks to Dr Richard Chambers in the feature story in Lifestyle. 'Their book, Mindful Learning, incorporating the world of the physical and psychological brain, is aimed at reducing stress and improving brain performance for effective learning by developing students personally, and enhancing their physical and emotional health.' “We wanted to create a manual for everybody,” Richard says. To read more click here

"What sort of things does the book Mindful Learning talk about?"

Paula Tapiolas from the Morning Show - ABC North Queensland, asked Dr Richard Chambers this question. Dr Chambers discussed the mindfulness exercises included in Mindful Learning which help improve studying abilities. He explained a mindful approach when studying is being engaged with and focused upon the present task of studying. Dr Chambers also debunked the 'illusion of multitasking'. The audio interview (lasting about ten minutes) is available here.

'A useful guide to have in the classroom and at home and will be of use to students as well as the family'

Mindful Learning reviewed by Get Ahead Kids Magazine.

Get Ahead Kids Magazine aims to promote quality educational information and innovations for students, their families and educational facilities. View the free online magazine here. The Mindful Learning book review is on page 31 of Vol 6, No. 1, January/February 2014.  

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