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Menopause the Drug-Free Way

Menopause the Drug-Free Way
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Dr Juliet Bressan

Menopause the Drug-Free Way

Empowering and sympathetic

Dr Juliet Bressan

Doctors are traditionally keen to medicalise the menopause, but, in the face of ongoing controversy about HRT, there is an increasing call for a natural menopause. Written by a GP, Menopause the Drug Free Way gives a strong, positive message about how women may empower themselves and develop a joyful attitude to life. It explains what’s really going on inside the body at this time of transition, how women can tackle symptoms themselves, and when they should resort to the doctor. Topics include:

  • the role of oestrogen
  • coping with hot flashes
  • dealing with depression and low mood
  • preventing osteoporosis
  • how to avoid putting on weight
  • what can I do to prevent cancer?
  • coping with forgetfulness and memory loss
  • improving disturbed sleep
  • staying healthy for life

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 216 x 138 mm | 128 Pages

About the author: Juliet Bressan is a GP, health journalist and author. Based in Dublin, she is well known in the Irish medical community as a campaigner on women’s health issues, and specializes in the health problems of musicians and performing artists.

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