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Living with Autism

Living with Autism
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Fiona Marshall

Living with Autism

Fiona Marshall

Autism is a spectrum of disorders which range from mild conditions through to severe disability. It includes Asperger's Syndrome. An autistic child has a brain which doesn't process information properly, resulting in social and communication problems. This can be an enormous strain within a family. This book, aimed at the parents of autistic children, will discuss the nature and causes of autism, and suggest ways of coping.

This new edition examines the evidence that has finally appears to have disproved any link between the MMR vaccine and autism, and looks at new ideas about the neurological nature of autism as well as the latest research in the field, including new brain imaging techniques. It also covers practical advice to parents on how to manage, and how to make the most of each child’s unique potential.

While autism can't be "cured," early intervention makes a difference, but the main point is that each child is accepted for what he or she is, and is allowed to make a contribution on his or her own terms.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 216 x 138 mm | 128 Pages

About the Author: Fiona Marshall is author of Coping with Epilepsy, Coping with SAD andYour Man's Health (all Sheldon Press).

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