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Like a Shooting Star

Like a Shooting Star
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Rino Alaimo

Like a Shooting Star

Rino Alaimo


When a young boy's father doesn't return from the war, the lonely boy wishes upon a shooting star — one that turns out to be a little firefly who, try as she might, just can't fly. Touched by the boy's earnest wish, the firefly undertakes a courageous journey to bring the boy's father home.

Rino Alaimo works as a cartoonist and filmmaker. The Boy Who Loved the Moon was his first book, adapted from his own short film that has won accolades around the world. He holds a degree in art history from the University of Genoa in Italy. He resides in Italy.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 229 x 229 mm | Colour | 32 Pages | 

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