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George Dieter


The Freedom to Be Me

George Dieter

I-Power gives you the tools you need to handle troublesome situations in relationships, whether personal or business, and rise above conditions such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

We all too often look for happiness and contentment via relationships, success and recognition — all things that lie outside ourselves. Underpinned by Boundary Theory, I-Power illustrates why this approach is actually at the heart of why we end up experiencing unhappiness and discontent.

By learning to approach life with a boundary focus, we discover that nobody can ‘make’ us feel or do anything; only we are responsible for how we feel. We also become able to switch our rational brain on, and our emotional brain off, when making decisions or facing challenges. And we are far better placed to minimise stress.

By implementing boundaries so that we take responsibility only for ourselves, we will find ourselves able to lessen interpersonal conflict, and greatly enhance our feelings of contentment, fulfilment and balance.

I-Power is essential reading for anyone looking to live a calmer, less stressful life without interpersonal conflict or emotional angst. As well as a valuable resource for psychologists, counsellors and life coaches.

This book provides ... new insights in understanding conflict, relationships and ultimately self-empowerment
Dr Piter Rossouw, School of Psychology, University of Queensland; Director, Institute for Neuropsychotherapy.


About the Author

George Dieter has a Masters degree in the psychology of coaching, a Masters degree in psychology, and a law degree. He is currently the principal psychologist at a private practice specialising in relationship, child and adolescent counselling. George has presented papers at national and international conferences, as well as authoring a publication on issues confronting the juvenile justice system. He lives on the NSW Central Coast.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 234 mm x 151 mm |  


Counselling Australia 

"I Power is a unique Self Help and Professional Development book that provides readers with the tools necessary in overcoming troublesome situations in relationships (professional or personal); and to rise above anxiety, depression and even chronic pain...It is not a book to miss and a worthwhile investment." - Click here to read the review.

Public Service News, November 2017

"A distinctive professional development and self-help book offering readers valuable life-skill tools."

Psych Central, March 2016

"By taking responsibility for yourself, your own limits, and, in turn, your own life, Dieter posits that you can be empowered to live a life that is fulfilled, satisfied, and happy."

Neuropsychotherapy, March 2016

"This publication is easy to read and provides a range of descriptive images to highlight key concepts. It could prove a very useful tool for personal development or in assisting others to understand the significance of the content and expand their own skills accordingly." 

I-Power reviewed by Neuropsychotherapy

Australian Journal of Counsellors in Schools

"For those interested, this volume could prove a very useful tool for personal development as well as a suitable aid for assisting others to understand the significance of the content and expand their own skills accordingly." 

Australian Journal of Counsellors in Schools reviews I-Power

Good Health, December 2015

…provides the tools you need to handle difficult situations at work and home, deal with mental health issues and learn to find contentment from within

Exisle Publishing I-Power Good Health


Good Health, December 2015

Features tips from the author on how to manage Christmas stress:

Exisle Publishing I-Power Good Health


Better Homes and Gardens,  October 2015

“enhance your feelings of fulfilment and lessen personal conflict”

Exisle Publishing I-Power George Dieter Better Homes and Gardens

Ladies in Racing, October 2015

"The key to happiness is taking responsibility for our own actions, and accepting that we are not ultimately responsible for how others respond to what we do or say."

Exisle Publishing I-Power Ladies in Racing George Dieter


Lifestyle You Magazine, September 2015

"The real place we should be looking is within ourselves for such encouragement."

Exisle Publishing I-Power George Dieter Lifestyle You

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