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Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

I Don't Have Time eBook

15-Minute Ways to Shape a Life You Love

Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

As Featured on TODAY Extra

We live in a time of ‘hurry sickness’. ‘Busy’ has become a competitive sport — and it’s a sport with no winners. But somewhere, underneath all of this hard slog, there are the things we really want to do. The things that bring us joy and give our lives meaning. More often than not, the only thing standing between us and getting on with those things is ourselves. Our lives don’t have to be as complicated as we make them. Through stories, theories and practical exercises, I Don’t Have Time explores 50 excuses we make that keep us from getting on with the things that really matter to us. These are the excuses that hold us back in our health and wellbeing, our careers, relationships, finances, home environments, personal development and recreation. Using humour, anecdotes, research into productivity and Emma and Audrey’s proven ‘My 15 Minutes’ approach, this is a practical guide to ditching overwhelm and making progress in all the areas that matter most. It flips the notion that we need great swathes of time to get ahead with things, instead encouraging us to use the nooks and crannies in our day to achieve big things over time.

Click here to visit the I Don't Have Time website.

Emma Grey is a life-balance specialist who uses a suite of innovative concepts and tools to provide organisations and individuals with practical solutions to the modern challenge of ‘having it all’. Emma runs seminars, workshops and executive coaching, writes regularly for national media, and together with Audrey, is co-founder of the highly successful ‘My 15 Minutes’ program (http://www.my15minutes.com.au).

Audrey Thomas is an experienced coach and facilitator with a background in project change and management, human resources and operations management. After a corporate career spanning the UK, Europe and North America, she now specialises in working with clients in both the public and private sectors to discover and develop their untapped potential. 

SPECIFICATIONS: eBook | 229 x 152 mm | 224 Pages | 


Unity Words, March 2017

"I am blown away...who doesn’t like a book that makes you laugh out loud? Thank you, Emma, and Audrey for a book that reminds us we are good enough, we are not on our own, we don’t have to always be right and it is never too late!"

Australian Journal of Nursing, March 2017

"An inspiration to prioritise what is really important to you." - Click here to read.

New Spirit Journal, February 2017

"This book shows how you can find the time to do more of what brings you joy in only 15 minutes a day … written in a fun style that is engaging, effective, and insightful.”


Women's Health, May 2017

Featured in a 4 page feature about how to Ace adulting! in the May issue.

"avoid snooze-fests and have stand up meetings..you may actually need half the time to get the job done." - Click here to view

The Local Look Canberra, March 2017

"simple ways you can battle the busyness, harness those 15 minute time-treasures and re-connect with what makes you truly happy." an interview with Emma Grey - Click here to view

Radio National - Life Matters, March 2017

"use the nooks and crannies in our day (to) achieve big things over time." - Interview with Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas, Click here to listen.

101FM, March 2017

I Don't Have Time Co-Author Emma Grey as interviewed on 101FM.

Talking Lifestyle, March 2017

Feeling Overwhelmed? 15 Minutes can make a big difference, so be sure to listen in to Emma Grey as interviewed with Talking Lifestyle.

Channel 9's TODAY Extra, February 2017

Click to see Emma and Audrey's appearance on TODAY Extra.

An audio recording of the feature is also available below.

Well Doing, February 2017

Audrey and Emma have written an article covering Confidence and Overcoming Failure - a part of life many of us grapple on a daily basis. "It’s worth connecting the dots between your earlier experiences and the way you tackle things now. Whether or not we’re consciously aware of it, we’re all getting through the world driven by a set of beliefs about how the world is and how we are." - Click here to read the full article.

ABC Sydney, February 2017

Emma and Audrey as interview on ABC Sydney.

Ultra 106 Five Hobart, February 2017

Click here to read and listen in to 'I Don't Have Time' author Emma Grey talk to Ultra 106 Five Hobart.

2UE Talking Lifestyle, February 2017 

"‘I Don’t Have Time’ overturns the excuses we make that keep us from getting on with things that matter to us…" Click here to view

ABC Adelaide, February 2017

Audrey Thomas features on ABC Adelaide to talk about her and Emma Grey's new book, I Don't Have Time.

ABC Radio, February 2017

Emma Grey features on ABC Radio Canberra, to discuss 'I Don't Have Time' and ways to more effectively manage your time.

Lifestyle, February 2017

"It’s about making powerful change in small steps, beginning where you are, and starting with what you have." - Click here to read the full feature.

Irish Examiner, February 2017

"We waste a lot of time comparing ourselves to other people and feeling we don’t measure up, says Emma. “This disempowers us from taking the steps to do our own thing — we hold ourselves back. - Click here to read the full article.

Daily Express, January 2017

Featured extract as seen in the Daily Express. "When you are constantly rushing around, whole days can go by without having the opportunity to take some time for yourself. However simply stopping to sit and think gives you the chance to calmly process your thoughts and helps you feel less stressed." Click here to read the full article.

Tania McCartney Blog, January 2017 

"Ravenously good!" -  featured an extensive interview with author Emma Grey. Click here to read


"Australian entrepreneurs Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas—creators of the online ‘My 15 Minutes’ program—will also be putting their story onto the page in I Don’t Have Time(February). Their book teaches readers how to tackle the ‘big issues’—health and wellbeing, career, relationships, finances, home environment, personal development and recreation—in ‘small chunks of just fifteen minutes a day’, says Exisle chief executive and publisher Gareth St John Thomas."

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