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Dr Stephen McKenzie


Beyond Mindfulness – Finding Your Real Life

Dr Stephen McKenzie

The mindfulness trend has seen mindfulness become valued more as an item in a personal toolkit as opposed to a full way of living. Dr Stephen McKenzie, a leading mindfulness author and teacher, brings us back to its roots –—connecting the heart with mindfulness to become heartfulness. The paths to full living are clearly shown and demonstrated. Being heartful simply means being fully connected — with ourselves and with other people — and therefore fully alive, happy, without stress and at peace. There are exercises for the reader and chapters include adversity, humour, knowledge, kindness, love and hope, among others. With anecdotes, things to do and think about and lots to gently read and enjoy, this is a gentle warm book that seeks to bring the reader home to a happy state.

Heartfulness microsite is now live! Click here to find out more.


As a researcher, lecturer and writer with years of clinical and teaching experience in many areas of psychology, Dr Stephen McKenzie has written several books including Exisle’s Mindfulness at Work and with Craig Hassed, Mindfulness for Life. Dr McKenzie lectures in psychology at Melbourne’s Monash University.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 152 mm | 192 Pages | Colour


Ladies in Racing, January 2017

"This book pushes through the boundaries imposed by a misinterpreted idea of mindfulness" - Click here to read the full review.

The Dr Pat Show, September 2016
Listen in to Dr Stephen McKenzie talk about the concepts and themes behind his latest book 'Heartfulness' on The Dr Pat Show.

Prevention, July 2016

Prevention ran a piece on Heartfulness with some great input from author Dr Stephen McKenzie! 

Good Health, June 2016

"discover why it's important to connect with yourself and others"

Hurtfulness features in Good Health Magazine

Yoga Journal, May 2016

"He explores the paths to being fully connected with ourselves and other people and therefore fully alive..."


Heartfulness featured in Yoga Journal

Better Homes and Gardens, May 2016

"Dr Stephen McKenzie digs deeper into the meaning and practice of mindful meditation by exploring Heartfulness"


Heartfulness review in Better Homes & Gardens

Daily Telegraph, May 2016

"We don't need to wait for love, or permission to show kindness. We can just do it. With no expectations."

Dr McKenzie and an extract from Heartfulness feature in The Daily Telegraph

6mm Radio, April 2016

Click here to listen to Dr. McKenzie interviewed on 6mm Raidio!

Dr Stephen McKenzie features on 6mm Radio

Huffington Post AU, March 2016

"Being heartful, or mindful in the true sense of the term, isn't about doing yoga, saluting the sun or lugging crystals... It can be surprisingly simple..." 

Heartfulness features in Huffington Post

Good Reading, March 2016

"This is a gentle, warm book that seeks to bring the reader home to happy state." 

Heartfulness features in Good Reading

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