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Jenny Brown
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Growing Yourself Up eBook

How to bring your best to all of life’s relationships

Jenny Brown MSW


Relationships are part of life...

Growing Yourself Up looks at all of the relationships we may experience in our life time. From being a single young adult to marriage to having children to divorces to midlife crisis and old age.

To be human is to be in relationships. We can’t survive without them but at the same time it’s in our relationships that we so easily come unravelled. There are certain relationships that seem to just do us in. Either we feel like we lose ourselves or we feel burnt out from unsuccessful efforts to make things right for another. In our relationships we can experience the very best of ourselves and the very worst.

Most psychological approaches to building resilience focus on the individual — the individual mind, emotions and experiences. The message of Growing Yourself Up, however, is that you can’t separate understanding the individual from understanding relationships; they go hand in hand. All of life’s relationships are integral to increasing self-awareness and growing maturity — and it’s not necessarily the comfortable relationships that promote personal growth.

Drawing from Bowen family systems theory, this book takes you on a journey through each stage of life to see the predictable patterns of relationships and to show how to use this knowledge to make purposeful adjustments in yourself. The result, though certainly not a quick fix, is a sturdier self, sturdier relationships and a refreshing new way of viewing life’s challenges and opportunities.


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About the author:

Jenny Brown is the founder and director of the Family Systems Institute in Sydney, Australia, where she has a counselling practice and trains mental health professionals and organisations. She has trained and earned academic awards at the University of Sydney and Columbia University New York. Additionally, Jenny has completed many years of post-graduate education in systems approaches to counselling at Relationships Australia, Sydney; the Family Institute of Westchester, New York; and the Tavistock and Portman in London. She is currently undertaking PhD research at the University of New South Wales into parents’ experiences of their adolescents’ mental health treatment.




Bible Society, November 2015

this book is for everyone: anyone who has had to negotiate tricky issues of family of origin; anyone who has had to work out how to be single; anyone who has had to navigate relationships with people at work; anyone who has had, or will have, to deal with ageing and dying. In short, everyone”.

Exisle Publishing Growing Yourself Up Bible Society


Review in Get Ahead Kids magazine

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ANZJFT Reviews Growing Yourself Up

Growing Yourself Up: How to Bring Your Best to All of Life?s Relationships
Jenny Brown MSW, Exisle Publishing, Australia http://growingyourselfup.com/

Growing Yourself Up

A few months ago I received this book from a dear friend and like a best seller, I have read it from cover to cover. What an amazing experience it was to read Jenny Brown?s book ? Growing Yourself Up: How to bring your best to all of life?s relationships.

This enjoyable book was an inspiring read. The gift in reading this publication has increased my confidence and understanding of Bowen Systems Theory. As a qualified relationship counsellor this book is one that I think students, graduates and working professionals would be grateful to receive. What was most enjoyable was the respectful approach Brown has utilised in conveying the intricacies of relationships at different transition points in our lives.I cared for how the book was divided into parts, then broken down into sub-parts, followed by case studies drawn from Brown?s practice. Following this, an overview of the theoretical concepts draws the reader to be quietly yet respectfully reminiscent of the thoughtful questions to which they have been lead. Because of this I found myself continually in a space of reflection; a reflection on how I have chosen to participate and contribute to the relationships around me. I began to revisit the following questions:


  1. How have I contributed to the way my current relationships are?
  2. Am I adding value and bringing meaning to my life and those around me?
  3. Is my communication style and way of being directed at ?growing myself up??

I also appreciated the effortlessness and ease with which it was to read. It is clearly written, well spaced without having too much content in each section, so much so, that I read the book most evenings after a long day at work. I thought the appendix section at the back of the book was a clever way to concentrate and convey the key principles and messages within this book ? I can see myself returning to these sections with ease and enjoyment.Whilst working in a helping profession, your focus shifts to those whose vulnerabilities find your door. At times we become so focussed in this serving role that we become preoccupied and stop working at the improvements necessary for our own development. Hence, I had great difficulty putting the book down yet found myself obliged to pause and reflect to honour this time of learning. Although I have read this book, I know that I will continue returning to it and ?paying the knowledge? forward.

In closing I?d like to finish with a note to the author ? Jenny, thank you for your patience and hard work in preparing this amazing book. It was an honour to read.

Vinny Vedat Erol
Senior Case Manager ? Young People Leaving Care
Department of Family and Community Services, New South Wales

This review can be found in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 2013, 34, 279?280 doi: 10.1002/anzf.1024


Growing Yourself Up (2nd Edition) eBook
Growing Yourself Up (2nd Edition) eBook
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