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Fun Start

Fun Start
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June R. Oberlander

Fun Start

260 weekly developmental activities from birth to age 5

June R. Oberlander

Experts agree that the first five years of a child’s life are the most formative. This is the time when children are most receptive to learning – and they are capable of learning a huge amount in a very short time. This internationally best-selling book has been used by hundreds of thousands of parents to help maximise the intellectual growth and motor skills of their young children. The younger the child, the stronger the effect. Beginning education at age five is too late!

This unique book is your answer to early childhood education. Written by a retired kindergarten teacher, it shows you when, how and what skills to develop. Fun Start is carefully structured so that there is one activity for every week of every year of a pre-schooler’s life, including a helpful and inexpensive phonetic approach to reading and spelling. The activities are easy to understand, take only about ten minutes each, and use common household items.

Fun Start is especially for parents, caregivers and teachers who want to help their pre-school children to learn and grow. It also includes measurable parameters to profile your child’s early development and tips for solving behavioural problems.


Specifications: 234 x 153 mm | paperback | 352pp


About the author:

June R. Oberlander, mother of two and grandmother of six, is a retired Fairfax County kindergarten teacher. She lives in Virginia in the United States.


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