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Michael Hawton

Engaging Adolescents eBook

Parenting Tough Issues with Teenagers

Michael Hawton

Parenting teenagers can be tricky at the best of times. But when the tough issues arise — behavioural problems, unacceptable risk-taking, bullying, alcohol abuse — things can get extremely difficult and parents can struggle with what to do. Drawing on psychologist Michael Hawton’s 30 years of experience, Engaging Adolescents is a practical guide to help you steer your teenager through the challenging times with confidence.

The book covers the following areas:

  • teenagers and what helps them develop personal control
  • how to sort out behaviour so you don’t over react
  • what we can learn from watching professionals who manage emergencies
  • proven, practical methods for managing tempestuous teenagers.

Using case studies and based on universally-accepted mediation principles, this is a highly practical, skills-based book that gives you the tools to resolve conflict and build better family relationships. Engaging Adolescents offers a clear, method-based approach to ease the distress of parents experiencing difficulties with their teenagers’ behaviour.

Michael Hawton is a registered psychologist with over 30 years of experience. He is a listed clinical expert with the NSW Children’s Court and an expert witness in the Family Court of Australia. A former teacher, Michael has spent much of his career working with parents and their children, and has been teaching family services workers and educational leaders in the area of behaviour management for over a decade. Michael has developed parent education programs that have been taught to over 100,000 parents and professionals since 2006. A father of two, Michael brings a clear and unambiguous method-based approach to ease the distress of parents experiencing difficulties with their teenagers’ behaviour.

SPECIFICATIONS: ePub/Mobi | 229 x 152 mm | 216 Pages | 


Excel Magazine, July 2017

"Gives you the tools to resolve conflict and build better family relationships"

PS News, June 2017

"At the end of it all you’ll know how to navigate tough conversations, learn the factors that contribute to a teenager’s ability to govern their own behaviour so that you won’t need to be as much of a director."


Adelaide Advertiser, September 2017

"Being parent to teens all about respect" - featured an opinion piece by the author. Click here to view.

Booktopia, July 2017

Michael has written a piece for Booktopia on their Guest Blog, sharing his expert advice and how parenting has changed over the generations. - Click here to read the full blog

The West Weekend Magazine, July 2017

"Finding ways to connect with your teenager will help you both ride out the rough times", writes Michael Hawton.. - Click here to read the Double Page feature.

Choosing a School for Your Child Magazine, July 2017

"Parents need to be clear about the tone of life they want to establish with their teenagers and to say, aloud, the family values and the behaviours they expect to be followed.' Michael Hawton as quoted in the article above. - Click here to read the Double Page Feature!

SBS Radio, June 2017

"Staying calm and adjusting your style of communication are just two of the ways parents can engage with their teens; this is according to Michael Hawton, a registered psychologist with over 30 years of experience and author of the book, 'Engaging Adolescents.' - Click here to listen.

Daily Telegraph, June 2017

'Teen Whisperer' Michael Hawton and his new book Engaging Adolescent featured in The Daily Telegraph - Click here to read.

The Pregnancy Centre, May 2017

"I am appreciating the revelation and insights from registered psychologist Michael Hawton with over 30 years of experience" - Click here to view.

Radio Live, May 2017

Michael has done another interview with Radio Live, and you can tune in right here!

ABC Adelaide, May 2017 

Interview with Ali Clarke - Click here to listen.

ABC Newcastle, May 2017

Interview with Jenny Marchant - Click here to listen.

ABC Perth interview with Geoff Hutchison, April 2017 

"Psychologist and former teacher Michael Hawton shares some practical tools on dealing with teenagers, resolving conflict and building better relationships" - Click here to listen.

Today Extra, April 2017

Tune in below to see Michael speak with Sonia and David on Today Extra!

The Today Show, April 2017

"helps you navigate through those tricky teenage years" - Click here to view

Engaging Adolescents as featured on Today

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