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Echoes of Gallipoli (Paperback)

Echoes of Gallipoli (Paperback)
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Terry Kinloch

Echoes of Gallipoli (Paperback)

In the words of New Zealand's mounted riflemen 

Terry Kinloch

First published ten years ago to enthusiastic reviews and critical acclaim, this classic celebrated readable scholarship is now available in paperback. Using their letters and diaries, Echoes of Gallipoli tells the story of Gallipoli through the eyes of the men of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade with the immediacy of actually being there. It is a fresh way of telling history, and one that is sure to find a response among New Zealanders today. The full story is here: the call-up, the sea journey, camp in Egypt, the eventual arrival in Gallipoli, all the battles and skirmishes that were fought there, and finally the remarkable evacuation several months later.             

Terry Kinloch retired from the New Zealand Army in 2013 after thirty years of service. This is his first book about the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade in the First World War, a story continued in Devil’s on Horses. He contributed two Gallipoli chapters to Don MacKay’s The Trooper’s Tale: The History of the Otago Mounted Rifles. In 2006 he was appointed to be a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. He is currently writing a biography of General Sir Alexander Godley.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 246 mm x 189 mm | 320 Pages | Black & White | 


Australian Defence Magazine, February 2017

"Echoes of Gallipoli tells the tortuous journey of the NZ Mounted Rifles (NZMR) Brigade from mobilisation in August 1914 through to their evacuation from the Gallipoli peninsula in December 1915."

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