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Don't Think About Purple Elephants

Don't Think About Purple Elephants
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susan whelan

Don’t Think About Purple Elephants

Susan Whelan

Gwynneth Jones

Sometimes Sophie worries — not during the day when she is busy with family and friends, but at night when everything is calm and quiet. Her family all try to help, but somehow they just make her worries worse. Until her mother thinks of a new approach … that might just involve an elephant or two! But wait, don’t think about purple elephants, whatever you do! Whimsical and humorous, this little girl’s story of finding a way to ease her worry resonates with children and parents everywhere.

Don’t Think About Purple Elephants is an excellent resource for social and emotional learning for parents and teachers.

Speech Pathology Australia, Book of the Year 2016
Don't Think About Purple Elephants was shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia's Book of the Year 2016. Congratulations to author and illustrator Susan Whelan and Gwynneth Jones!!

Specifications: 245 x 255 mm | Hardback | 32 pages

About the Author / Illustrator:

Susan Whelan is a writer, editor, mother, and passionate advocate for children’s literacy. She’s also the Managing Editor of highly respected children’s literature website Kids’ Book Review.

Check out more about the book at her website: http://susanwhelan.com.au/dont-think-about-purple-elephants/
And interview/guest post links here: http://susanwhelan.com.au/news-reviews/

Gwynneth Jones drew all through her maths book at school, so left to study art at TAFE and then majored in Plant and Wildlife Illustration at the University of Newcastle. Since then, Gwynneth has been imagining, drawing, exhibiting and holding market stalls. Gwynneth is also studying to be an art therapist.

Check out the wonderful Paint The Lake Read story board walk for Purple Elephants - Lake Macquarie, Australia

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'Don't Think About Purple Elephants is a story about a little 'night-time worrier'. For children (and adult) worriers, night time offers minimal to no distractions, so worries are free to roam. The story acknowledges the typical help offered and ends with a lovely, simple strategy that adds a bit of creative quirkiness to the bedtime routine.  

Lovely story, beautiful illustrations!'

Lynn Jenkins, clinical psychologist and author of Lessons of a Lac, School Start and Best Start

"Don't Think About Purple Elephants is a beautiful children's book and a must have for every bookshelf.

Susan Whelan writes with a deep understanding of what it feels like to be a child who worries, highlighting how easily negative thoughts can fill a child's mind. Gwynneth Jones' beautiful illustrations are full of emotion and compassion, complementing the text perfectly. 

Don't Think About Purple Elephants will resonate with all young children and be especially important for those who are little worriers."

Nicky Johnston, author and illustrator of Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!

“I was very impressed by the choreographing of emotions, structure and pace of 'Don't Think About Purple Elephants'. It reads well aloud and has the child-centred comfort appropriate for the audience age. Beautifully produced and illustrated with a fanciful twist. Highly recommended and think it could also make a great classroom playscript.” ~ Hazel Edwards (author of  There is a Hippopotamus on Our Roof of My House Eating Cake)

Best Reviews:

Geelong Coast Kids, July 2017

"a little girl's story of finding a way to ease her worry"

Sydney Morning Herald, December 2015

"an unexpected and valuable lesson in dealing with anxiety"

Kids Book Review, April 2015

"packed with colour and creativity, this little girl's story of finding a way to ease her worry is bound to become a family favourite"

Latest Media:

Sunday Telegraph, May 2016

"Written with gentle humor, this is a special book... a resource for parents with children who worry."

SBS, April 2016

Susan Whelan features in an SBS piece on Anxiety Disorders in Kids, a key concept explored in Don't Think About Purple Elephants.

The School Librarian Journal UK, November 2015

"Gentle reassuring story which makes clever use of colour to contrast negative thoughts with more positive ones... the story might give a reader the confidence to talk about their own (possibly greater) concerns."


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