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Daily Mindfulness

Daily Mindfulness
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Daily Mindfulness

365 Days of Present, Calm, Exquisite Living

365 Days of Guidance Series


Life can be exquisite, but too often its savour is lost in the rut of routine living. The path to leaving the mundane and finding joy and purpose is mindfulness. Pause, breathe, reconnect with the present, and discover all over again the thrill of being alive. With 365 daily quotes, stunning full-colour photography, and a handy ribbon to mark your place, Daily Mindfulness invites you to calm your mind, live now, and experience a richer, fuller life.  

Welcome to a place where parents are celebrated, not compared. Where heart is at the centre of our families, and family at the centre of our homes. Where boo-boos are still kissed, cake beaters are still licked, and mistakes are still okay. Welcome to a place where books and family are beautiful.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 153 x 153 mm | Colour | 368 Pages | 

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