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Birth over 35

Birth over 35
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Sheila Kitzinger MBE

Birth over 35

Fully revised and updated

Sheila Kitzinger MBE

Birth statistics show that more women than ever before become mothers later in life. The trend is also backed up by figures from around the world. In developed countries there is an upsurge in the age of mothers giving birth for the first time, and in the UK alone there are now more first-time mothers giving birth in the 30-34 age group than in the 25-29 age group. There is also a 50% increase from 10 years ago in the number of women aged 40 - 44 who are having a baby.

Women over 35 (or even younger) expecting a first baby are automatically assigned to a "high risk" category, at risk for problems such as hypertension, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, difficult labour, and caesarean section. Research, however, suggests that the mother’s overall health is more important than age per se.

This updated version of Birth Over 35 (Sheldon Press 1994, Birth Over 30, Sheldon Press 1982) provides the specialist information needed by ‘older’ mothers. Topics include:

  • Deciding when to have a baby
  • Planning for pregnancy
  • The baby’s health
  • Tests and checks
  • How to talk with doctors and midwives
  • coping with emotional highs and lows
  • Life after the baby arrives
  • Partners and family
  • Coping alone

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 216 x 138 mm | 144 Pages

About the author: Sheila Kitzinger MBE is a noted childbirth expert and pioneer of the natural childbirth movement. A social anthropologist specialising in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, she is the author of several books, and is known worldwide as a writer, speaker and educator on the social and psychological dimensions of birth and parenthood.

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