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Being Gay, Being Christian

Being Gay, Being Christian
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Dr Stuart Edser

Being Gay Being Christian

You can be both.

Dr Stuart Edser

Foreword by The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG


Is it possible to be both gay and Christian?...

There is no more divisive an issue in the church today than the highly controversial topic of being gay and being Christian. Being Gay, Being Christian is a book which attempts to dispell the myths surrounding this topic and explains calmly and logically that the two are not mutually exclusive and it is in fact possible to be both.

With the support of some of the finest scientific and theological minds, author Dr Stuart Edser presents a compelling case for tolerance and acceptance, rejecting the traditional Christian view that gay people are either sick or sinful as a result of their sexual orientation. He argues passionately for church people everywhere to open their minds and show a willingness to discard older ways of thinking where more modern explanations reveal the truth more accurately. And he encourages gay Christians to integrate their sexuality and their faith so that both are valued equally.

Being Gay, Being Christian is about easing the pain and diminishing the shame of being gay and being Christian. It will bring you up to date with the latest science, theology and scholarship regarding gay and lesbian sexuality and the Christian life. It is written from the point of view of a psychologist who has a long-held deep faith and who has studied to understand the interface between psychology and science with spirituality and theology.

Being Gay, Being Christian will help people to come to terms with their sexual orientation in a healthy, whole and educated way, to help them to accept themselves and their sexual identity and to assist them as they deal with family, friends, church or the workplace. It will lead them away from self-hatred, self-loathing, guilt and shame and help those interested in the spiritual aspect, to see that, as much as anyone else, they are loved and accepted by God and that they can love and accept themselves as well.

Chapters include:

  • Being gay or lesbian today
  • The biology of being gay
  • The psychology of being gay
  • Coming out
  • Sound people, sick therapy
  • The Bible and Christianity
  • The Evangelical view of homosexuality
  • The Catholic view of homosexuality


About the author:

Dr Stuart Edser is the Principal Psychologist at Newcastle Psychology & Health based in Lambton, Newcastle. He has several degrees in psychology and education, including a PhD. In the past he was a secondary English teacher, a qualified piano teacher and professional musician and an experienced public speaker. He was a minor seminarian in the Catholic Church living in a monastery for three years as an early teen, but also an elder, leader, preacher and teacher in the Protestant evangelical and charismatic wing of the Church. In this wing, he was a co-founder of a church in his twenties, a church that still exists in the Newcastle suburb of Highfields. He even stood for the NSW Parliament in the 1991 election for Fred Nile’s Call To Australia Party (as it was known then). After years of struggle and self-acceptance, he now lives happily with his partner Chris. 

more information at www.beinggaybeingchristian.com


"This is probably the single best book published on this topic in the last five years. It combines a succinct analysis of the science and psychological science on being gay with the lived experience of the author and an analysis of the scriptural and theological background which, while not lacking in rigour, manages to be accessible. I've lost count of the books I've read on this topic from scripture tomes to lengthy psychological and genetic studies. But this book has been waiting to be written for some time. Stuart Edser gives us a book which can be read by professionals as well as people learning to accept themselves. The point is not that this book extends, repeats or produces yet further original knowledge (there are enough journals and monographs busy doing that.) The point of this book is that it interprets and integrates well in a thoroughly Christian and discursive way the current state of each field to provide some practical pointers to all of us. Well done, Dr Edser."

Jim McManus, CPsychol, CSci
Chartered Scientist, Chartered Psychologist





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