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Beijing Tai Tai

Beijing Tai Tai
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Tania McCartney

Beijing Tai Tai

Life, laughter and motherhood in China’s capital

Tania McCartney


A tai tai’s tale... When Tania McCartney discovered she’d be moving her husband, self and two kids under the age of five to China for four years, she was 95 per cent horrified. But what she never expected was to fall in love. Beijing seeped under her skin and grabbed hold of her heart...a love affair that inspired Beijing Tai Tai; a collection of shrewdly observed, heartfelt and humorous insights into Beijing expatriate life. Intensely personal and at times a little controversial, it’s a rollercoaster ride of honesty and openness as a mother and wife (tai tai) juggles suburban family life in urban Beijing.

Presented in a series of column-like snippets — on topics ranging from the consumption of bull testicles to the life-altering experience of walking the Great Wall — it talks of both the challenging lows and intense highs of expat life in a country on the brink of great change.

Beijing Tai Tai is a book for anyone keen to learn more about this diverse and culturally rich country. It’s for anyone, from anywhere, who knows what it’s like to fall in love, explore new worlds and live with challenges. Both funny and deeply sad, its content epitomises the dichotomy that typifies China.

‘McCartney skilfully blends amusing anecdotes, personal family moments and the joys and frustrations of parenthood with glimpses of Beijing and China as seen through the eyes of an intelligent and insightful, well-travelled observer.’ - Susan Whelan, World Literatures Feature Writer, Suite 101

"Just finished Tania McCartney's book, 'Beijing Tai Tai - Life, laughter and motherhood in China's capital'. I really enjoyed reading Tania's and her family's experiences - honest, hilarious, sad, witty, compassionate - observations of people, places and things from an excellent writer." - Sheryl Gwyther, QLD Author


Specifications: Paperback | 234 x 153 mm 9¼x 6 inches | 260 pages

eBook available

Further information: www.beijingtaitai.com.au


About the author:

Tania McCartney is an Australian author of children’s books and adult nonfiction. She is an experienced magazine writer and editor, is the founder of respected literary site Kids Book Review and writes for several online websites. She has lived and worked in London, Paris and Beijing, and currently resides in Canberra with her husband, two kids and a mountain of books.

Get to know author Tania McCartney a bit better as she talks about her book Beijing Tai Tai, the inspiration behind it and her love for books.

Oh and so you so you can sample her sense of humour we have left the outtakes in!




Girl and Duck, May 2017

Tania has been interviewed by Jen Storer. Tania and Jen talk about Beijing Tai Tai at 14.30, click here to listen in.

Taiwanxifu 台灣媳婦 - April 9, 2014

Book Reviews: Beijing Tai Tai

'..it is a celebration of adapting to life in a new city, a big and ancient city, with all of its tribulations and (eventually) successes.  Actually, Tania’s account of life in Beijing is hilariously funny...'

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