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Alcoholism Recovery

Alcoholism Recovery
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Catherine G. Lucas

Alcoholism Recovery

Catherine G. Lucas

Sheldon Mindfulness

Mindfulness lends itself particularly well to recovery, partly because it is a potent tool for self-management, but principally because it can be approached both as a secular or spiritual practice. The Twelve-Step approach of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is unquestionably spiritual, with its emphasis on a Higher Power, and has been hugely successful. Some consider spiritual transformation essential for lasting sobriety. Not everyone, however, wants to pursue this path. The mindfulness practices can then be used in their own right, in a more secular context, and still be beneficial. This is a practical, exercise-based look at using mindfulness to help recover from problem drinking.

Catherine G. Lucas is an accredited mindfulness trainer who has been delivering mindfulness courses to the National Health Service and Ministry of Defence since 2007, working with soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as with civilians. She is author of Coping with a Mental Health Crisis and founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, a UK charity that works with people in mental and emotional distress.

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