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Acts of Trust

Acts of Trust
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Mary Farrell

Acts of Trust

Making sense of risk, trust and betrayal in our relationships

Mary Farrell

Foreword by Susan Winter

Without trust, our lives would be impossible. Every relationship we have, whatever its nature, depends on trust for its successful continuance. Sometimes life itself depends on it. But how do we trust other people? What happens to us when we engage in acts of trust? And what happens to us when our trust is betrayed?

Mary Farrell examines issues of trust through a series of stories: true stories about exceptional people who have engaged in extraordinary acts of trust. In doing so, she sheds light on the nature of our relationships and how they operate. The stories include that of the Native American woman who runs a wolf sanctuary and lives and works with wild animals; the circus couple who need absolute trust to perform a "William Tell" act on each other; the story of horse-whisperer Franklin Levinson; the story of bestselling author Susan Winter, who has studied relationships between older women and younger men; and the story of actor Michael Hurst (Iolaus in the television series Hercules).

Psychotherapist Mary Farrell understands that trust is an essential part of all our lives. Through a wide array of examples from the theatre and television, including shows like Hercules and The Sopranos, she illustrates and analyses trust in action. Using the principles and techniques of psychotherapy, she shows us how to relate such acts of trust to our own lives. Farrell also looks at the negative sides of trust, including deceit, betrayal and disbelief. This is a truly unique book that will enlighten and delight anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of their relationships.


Specifications: 234 x 153 mm | paperback with flaps | 192 pages


About the author:

Mary Farrell enjoyed a seventeen-year career in the theatre as a director, actor and tutor before training to be a psychotherapist. She is now in private practice. She has previously written short stories and poetry; this is her first book.



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