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Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons
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Ken and Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh

Here Be Dragons

A parent’s guide to rediscovering purpose, adventure and the unfathomable joy of the journey

Ken and Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh


Before our three kids, we had been decent people. Interesting even. One of us had taught Shakespeare to gang members while the other flew reconnaissance missions off North Korea. But our own children had proven our biggest challenge. We were passionate and service-driven folks, except we were not demonstrating this to our kids. We spent so much time trying to be good parents that we forgot to be good people. Something had to change.
Two parents take the personal challenge to better balance their work and family lives. Their humorous accounts and the lessons learned have deep meaning as they raise their children and strive to leave their mark on the world. Filled with nautical metaphors and plenty of humour, Here Be Dragons regales the adventures and advice of two parents just trying to stay afloat.

Some think that Ken Harbaugh’s slightly militant approach to parenting is a result of his nine years in the Navy. Ken joined the military, and against all advice, he chose to fly combat recon missions. He attended Top Gun, flew classified missions around the world, and once even woke up the President. Accidentally. He started writing commentaries for NPR while still in uniform and continued while attending law school at Yale. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic Time, and The New York Observer.

Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh has taught Shakespeare to gang members, mentored single moms through childbirth, and been a beloved teacher at half a dozen high schools. While she has spent most of her career in the trenches, she also looks good on paper. She earned her Masters in Urban Education from Yale University and her National Board Certification in English/Language Arts. She is now a writer for The New York Observer, where her work has been translated into both Spanish and Canadian.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 229 x 152 mm | 232 Pages |


SchoolDays Magazine, January 2017

"Here Be Dragons is a charmingly fresh, intimate and honest book written by a married couple about their parenting experiences. The book is autobiographical in style and makes very easy reading."

Unity, December 2016

"couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t like any other parenting book I had read or reviewed...an honest and personal insight into both parent’s experience and how they felt about it and dealt with it – and is full of humour only parent’s would appreciate!"

Child Magazines, December 2016

"This book is filled with warm and thoughtful anecdotes and lessons Ken and Annmarie have learnt in their quest to better balance their work and family lives and stay afloat."

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