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The Art of Mindful Origami

The Art of Mindful Origami
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Dr Richard Chambers

The Art of Mindful Origami

Soothe the mind with 15 beautiful origami projects and accompanying mindfulness exercises

Dr. Richard Chambers

The Art of Mindful Origami extends the concept of mindful, art-therapy coloring using 15 origami projects, ranging in difficulty from basic to complex, as tools to develop mindfulness. In recent years, interest in mindfulness has exploded and it is now a part of popular culture. Increasingly, creative pursuits such as coloring are being used as a way for people to focus and enter a mindful state. Each project starts with a brief description and background to the model. Subsequent pages give instructions for folding the particular model. For difficult exercises, the book details ways of staying focused and calm and using mindfulness to deal with frustration or distraction. This is an important part of mindfulness and leads to a range of benefits for wellbeing and performance. Once each model is folded, the book then outlines various related exercises that can help to further develop mindfulness. For example, after folding the paper boat, readers are encouraged to lie down and place the boat on their belly and watch it rock up and down on the “waves” as they breathe. This helps them develop mindful breathing, which is a powerful tool for relaxation and focus.
High-quality patterned origami paper and coloring sheets, which can easily be torn from the book, are included to make this the ultimate gift for anyone wanting a calmer, more stress-free life.

Dr. Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. He has published two previous books, Mindful Learning, with Shambhala and Mindful Relationships, with Quarto/Exisle and numerous journal articles. He is regularly interviewed by mainstream media and consults for a growing number of businesses, sports clubs, healthcare organizations and educational institutions. Richard is spearheading a world-first, university-wide mindfulness initiative at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He is also one of the developers of Smiling Mind, a free mindfulness app with over 1 million downloads.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 250 x 260 mm | Approx. 45 color photographs and illustrations; Approx 100 step-by-step illustrations | 120 Pages | High-quality patterned origami and coloring tear out sheets throughout |


Wellbeing Magazine, March 2017

"Dr Richard Chambers proffers the Japanese art of paper folding as yet another avenue for being fully present and engaged in each moment. It includes 15 different projects ... along with tear-out origami paper featuring images of nature as well as sheets you can colour in... Accompanying each project is a related exercise to help you develop mindfulness. It’s a simple, fun dose of old-fashioned creativity" - Click here to view

Library Journal, February 2017

"Chambers brings valuable expertise to the mindfulness element of this book, and both the guided exercises and the origami projects themselves are ideal for crafters exploring mindful living.”

Over 60, December 2016

"origami is an excellent way to practise mindfulness. Setting time aside to engage fully with the simple act of paper folding means that we start to cultivate presence, focus, curiosity and patience. We can enjoy the texture of the paper, the feeling of making delicate creases and the visual feast of the different colours and shapes.”

Frankihobson.com, December 2016

"Add a little handmade love to your Christmas gifts with this DIY origami gift box. It’ll impress your family and friends, and you’ll find the art of origami therapeutic for your soul …" - Click here to view the feature

House and Garden, December 2016

"extends the concept of art therapy colouring to the Japanese art of paper folding, promoting peace-of-mind and well-being" - Click here to read the full review.

Mindfood Magazine, December 2016

"origami is the new tool in developing mental awareness, calming the mind and encouraging greater connection to our surroundings"

In The Good Books, November 2016

"Written by clinical psychologist Dr Richard Chambers, this book features 15 origami projects with simple step-by-step instructions, as well as some mindfulness exercises for you to practice. It is a great way to unwind ..."

Unity Words, November 2016

"I found that Dr Richard Chambers combined the art of origami and mindfulness in such a masterful way ... I highly recommend this book for all that need support setting time aside to engage fully in the moment, or to use as some great fun activities to do as a family around the table."


Yours Magazine, June 2017

Extended feature, "really fun to make"Click here to view.

Be Magazine (Medibank), December 2016

"With the festive season upon us and gift giving in full swing, consider the very first design of the book, the origami gift box, as a unique present idea. Simple to make, it could be a thoughtful way to offer a small gift to a loved one, while providing you the fulfilling opportunity to make something by hand while fully focusing on the person you would like to receive it." - Click here to view the feature

Mum's Delivery, November 2016

The Art of Mindful Origami as featured in Mum's Delivery.

Handmade by Deb, October 2016

"Delight in your paper creations and improve your health and well-being" - Read the full feature here.

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