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The Essential Edible Pharmacy

The Essential Edible Pharmacy
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Sophie Manolas

The Essential Edible Pharmacy

Heal Yourself From the Inside Out

Sophie Manolas


The Essential Edible Pharmacy has appeared in a fantastic feature article by Well and Good! 
Read the full feature here.

If you eat food, you need this book! Sophie Manolas is a straight-talking, down-to-earth clinical nutritionist who is passionate about showing people how they can eat their way to being the greatest, healthiest version of themselves. In The Essential Edible Pharmacy she takes over 60 of the most commonly available nutrient-dense foods (covering everything from leafy greens to root vegetables and legumes, from herbs and spices to fruits, nuts and seeds), and with great warmth, enthusiasm and knowledge explains exactly why each of these foods is so good for you. This is then followed with a simple and delicious recipe for each ingredient that will entice even the fussiest tastebuds. Over 60 simple yet mouth-wateringly delicious recipes are included, such as Wholesome Lentil Dahl; Chicken, Mushroom and Ginger Hot Pot; Spinach, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Burgers; Decadent Brazil Nut Truffles; Baked Apples with Macadamia Crumble; and Salted Coconut and Strawberry Semifreddo. Fully illustrated throughout with gorgeous photographs of fresh produce and flavoursome recipes, this is a practical and beautiful reference book that will both entertain and educate. Supercharge your health and tingle your taste buds into life with The Essential Edible Pharmacy.

Sophie Manolas is a clinical nutritionist whose rural childhood taught her the importance of the home vegetable patch and fresh produce from an early age. She was inspired to study Nutritional Medicine after a long struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome — a change in diet proved to be the only effective treatment. After gaining her qualifications, Sophie established her own practice, specializing in women’s health and hormonal issues, and has achieved great success with her down-to-earth approach and comprehensive understanding of how we can use food as our medicine. Her own property is established on permaculture principles, with Sophie and her partner growing and producing the majority of their food themselves.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 235 mm x 191 mm | 90 Colour Illustrations | 216 Pages | 

Best Reviews:

PS News, May 2017

"Essential Edible Pharmacy takes a broad and comprehensive look at commonly available foods and examines how they can contribute to maintaining great health and prevent the onset of disease. This is aimed at simplifying the process of making the best dietary choices, and to show you that all whole foods, in their own way, are ‘superfoods’."

Good Health Magazine, February 2017

"shows you how to cook with nutritious, but often over looked foods"

Family Garden Life, February 2017

"... with great warmth, enthusiasm and knowledge explains exactly why each of these foods is so good for you."

Ladies in Racing, January 2017

"Fully illustrated with gorgeous photographs...practical reference book." - Click here to read the full review.

Bare Essentials Magazine, November 2016

"a practical and beautiful reference book" - Click here to read the full review, or here for the 2 page feature.

Hip Little One, November 2016

"Whether you want to improve your skin health, gain more energy, clean your liver, boost your immunity, fight inflammation or protect against cancer, this beautiful full-colour reference guide will send you in the right direction"

Herald Sun, October 2016

"Eat yourself healthy. A book reveals how what you eat can help you avoid illness".

The Cove Magazine, October 2016

"Defying food fads, Sophie’s refreshing approach will inspire you to take eating well out of the too-hard basket, and fill your shopping trolley with a wider, more nourishing repertoire of everyday fresh foods".

Blue Wolf Reviews

"“This is such an inspirational book for jaded cooks and those who wish to discover the joys of healthy eating."

Latest Media:

APIA, May 2017 

"Ideal for a cold, winter night when you're craving a home-cooked meal, this vegetarian shepherd's pie from The Essential Edible Pharmacy will leave you feeling satisfied, but not like you've overindulged. This meat-free alternative to the tradition shepherd's pie is the perfect excuse to invite the whole family round for a cosy dinner!"Click here to view.

Womens' Fitness, March 2017

"In much the same way that travel enriches your mind with new ideas and influences, exploring the world of food exposes you to a buffet of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants."Click here to read in full.

Woman's Weekly, December 2016

The Essential Edible Pharmacy, as featured in Woman's Weekly

The Essential Edible Pharmacy as featured in Woman's Weekly!

Well and Good, November 2016

Essential Edible Pharmacy has appeared in a fantastic feature article run by Well and Good!
The article focuses on the best foods to eat when you're feeling sick, ensuring a speedy recovery. 

You can read the full feature here.

Australian Handyman Magazine, November 2016

"This book features recipes for over 60 commonly available nutrient-dense foods, so you can eat your way to a healthier you." - Click here to read the full feature.

Yours Magazine, November 2016

"Supercharge your wellbeing". Click here to see the double page spread!

Biodentical Hormone Health, October 2016

"Whatever stage you are at, and whatever changes you might be experiencing, good nutrition is always the best place to start and this doesn't mean a Draconian switch to raw foods or organic veganism." - You can read the full article here.

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail, October 2016

The Daily Mail featured The Essential Edible Pharmacy, highlighting on ways to beat menopause simply by what you eat!
"Simply follow my advice and eat a wide variety of fresh, healthy, natural foods, and you should sail through the menopause and set yourself up for optimum health for the rest of your life."
You can read the full article here.

Sydney Sport, September 2016

"Meet Sophie Manolas, a straight-talking, down-to-earth clinical nutritionist who is passionate about showing people how they can eat their way to being the greatest, healthiest version of themselves" - Featured recipe extract. Click here to read.

Australian Yoga Journal, September 2016

"If you eat food you need this book!" Click here to read the review

Mindfood, September 2016

Author Sophie Manlos is now making regular contributions to Mindfood. Click here to read her first article, which focuses on eating smart to help combat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. 

Have a Go News, September 2016

"Sophie shows the reader that eating delicious foods that are also healthy is not a difficult process". 
You can also enter the draw to win a copy of The Essential Edible Pharmacy. More details on how to enter here

Travel Writers Radio, September 2016

Author of The Essential Edible Pharmacy, Sophie Manolas spoke to Travel Writers Radio about her new book and the overlooked benefits of the humble veggie patch. 

Australian Ageing Agenda, August 2016

"Australian clinical nutritionist Sophie Manolas takes over 60 nutrient-dense foods and ...explains why it so good for you and provides a recipe on how to use it." - Read the review Here.

Royal Botanic Gardens Magazine, August 2016

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