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50, 5 Minute Fixes

50, 5 Minute Fixes
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Wendy Murdoch

50 5-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding

Simple Solutions for Better Position and Performance in No Time

Wendy Murdoch


5 Minutes is all it takes. Would you like to improve your riding? Do you have some nagging bad habits that are getting in your way? Do you sometimes wonder if you will ever get better? Wouldn’t it be nice to have simple techniques to correct your riding position so that you are not inhibiting your horse?

5 minutes a day is all the time you need to achieve:

  • Better balance in the saddle
  • Improved body control from head to toe
  • Increased influence with your seat
  • Flawless leg position and subtle aiding
  • Quieter, softer hands and contact your horse can trust
  • Less physical stiffness, tension, and riding-related pain
  • Confidence in your ability to communicate with your horse

PLUS, in just 5 minutes you can improve a horse that’s:

  • Unwilling to go forward or “dead” to the leg
  • Hollow-backed, high-headed, or above the bit
  • Heavy on the forehand and unbalanced
  • A chronic “puller,” “leaner,” or “head-tosser”

Start or end your riding sessions with Wendy Murdoch’s 5-Minute Fixes, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can replace old habits with new ones, get out of your “riding rut,” and transform what you can’t do to what you can do…naturally, capably, comfortably, and consistently alongside a happy riding partner—your horse.


Specifications:  210 x 200 mm (8½ x 8 inches) | Paperback | 224 pages | 199 colour photos + 41 illustrations


About the author:

Wendy Murdoch, an internationally recognized equestrian author, instructor, and clinician for over 23 years, teaches her students how to do what great riders do naturally. Murdoch’s desire to understand the function of both horse and human, and her love of teaching capitalizes on the most current learning theories in order to show riders how to exceed their own expectations. Her studies include an apprenticeship with Sally Swift, as well as extensive training with Linda Tellington-Jones, Dr. Joyce Harman, Jon Zahourek (Anatomy in Clay®), and Dr. Hilary Clayton. To help her guide students toward better function, Wendy became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and continues her study with Dr. Feldenkrais’ first assistant, Mia Segal. Her fascination with the mind/body connection between horse and rider has led her to explore courses outside the equine world and bring that information to her students. Murdoch writes articles for a wide variety of magazines and is a regular contributor to Eclectic Horseman Magazine. She is the author of Simplify Your Riding and creator of the three-part Ride Like a Natural DVD series.



Equestrian Excellence - extract - December 2013

equestrian excellence extract 50-5 minute fixes

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