The Mum Who Roared

The Mum Who Roared
ISBN 978-1-921497-88-9
Author Christie Nicholas
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The Mum Who Roared

A complete A-Z guide to loving your mind, body and attitude after baby

Christie Nicholas

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This is a friendly, real and practical guide for every woman adjusting to her role as a mother. It is not a parenting guide. Instead, it is a motivating resource that provides simple and effective tips to help you genuinely enjoy this next chapter in your life, while feeling in control and staying in touch with your core needs and values. All the ideas can be implemented immediately and are relevant not just for the early days of motherhood but for the rest of your life. They will make your life easier and make you feel better mentally and physically.

Throughout the book, you’ll also read real-life accounts and survival tips from other mums. By the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to continue your journey as a happy, healthy, balanced woman, who also happens to be a mum … A mum who roared!


SPECIFICATIONS: 229 x 178 mm | 9 x 7 in | Paperback | 256 pages


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About the author

Christie Nicholas is a mother of two and holds a Bachelor of Arts, an Associate Diploma in Business and a Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is the founder of — Australia’s number 1 social networking site designed for mothers to help them swap products, services and talents. The success of Mumswap attracted international attention to Christie, with appearances in The Washington Post, The Financial Express, Choice magazine and Money magazine among many others. Christie has now turned her attention to becoming the inspirational yet down-to-earth ambassador all women need when entering motherhood. This is her first book.

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"I love this book. Containing a collection of lessons learned and real stories from mums of all ages, The Mum Who Roared provides some great insight and motivation on how to deal with the ongoing challenge of parenthood that shows you that "you are not alone". Put down the chocolate and start roaring!"

    - Femail,

"I cannot believe how much I related to this book. I was nodding and agreeing with everything I was reading and I was finding so many great practical tips. I was finding out so much, about things I had questioned or wanted to ask someone, but just didn't. This book is an excellent resource and guide to what you need to know after having a baby, to have control of your life and be true to yourself. This book reassured me that as a mother of two, I can still have a balanced life looking after my children and myself as a woman. The book left me feeling motivated and confident to pursue my passion in life and be the woman I want to be."

   - Dannii Beauty,

"She is a voice of empowerment for mothers, encouraging them to refuel that fire their belly as a person. It is designed to guide you, not in your parenting, but in how you look after yourself as a person who also just happens to be a mother."

  - Jackie Small, My Little Bookcase

"I enjoyed The Mum Who Roared as it is an honest, funny, keeping it real account of motherhood. I love that the book is set out in alphabetical order and you can pick up the book and turn to any page to be inspired."

  - Naomi Ellis, Seven Cherubs

"The Mum Who Roared is a book that can help guide you through lots of those, “I love being Mum but what about me?” questions and moments and reminds us we are important too."

   - Mumma's Mini Mes,

"The Mum Who Roared is a book that Mums will find funny, heartwarming, it will have you nodding your head as you read contributors stories, tearing up remembering how it was for you and then inspiring you to get back to you. The book has an A - Z guide but it isn't like other guides you usually read as a Mum, it is all about YOU!"

   - Oh Gorgeous Baby,

"When you meet Christie in real life the energy just bounces off her and you are certain to leave with a refreshed view on yourself and your life. I wish every mother could meet Christie and hear her speak but unfortunately that is not possible, you can however read her fantastic book The Mum Who Roared."

   - Hip Little One,

"I really REALLY can’t praise this book enough. I can think of no better gift to give a new mum than confidence.  Confidence in herself, confidence in her new role as mother, and the confidence to realise that becoming a mum doesn’t have to mean losing your own identity. The fact that it is crammed full of humour, survival tips and real-life accounts written by real mums is what makes this book so special to me.  It wasn’t written by some stuffy doctor in a tweed suit in his nice quiet child-free office somewhere.  It was written by a mum, who has lived through experiences and is not afraid to say that it was difficult! Christie not only acknowledges the hurdles and challenges of motherhood with humour and honesty, she has provided a  motivational and practical guide to help other mums feel in control and enjoy the next chapter in their lives. In short…this book ROCKS!"

   - Mum's Lounge,

"I just wanted to thank you for your book. As a full time career woman who genuinely loves my job, and has done for many years, I found the adjustment to motherhood, particularly in those first early weeks, isolating and generally extremely difficult. I felt I was failing because I was even feeling like that. Your book got me through those strange hormonal times. It was as if you were talking directly to me as I read every page, every sentence really! I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better adjusted and am honestly loving being a mum to my little miss 14 week old. I've kept the book handy for referral should I need it along the way and am pleased to report that a copy of your book is going to become my staple babyshower gift from this point onwards! THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom."

   - Diana Thompson, Facebook

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